Necklace with gemstone eudialyte and tourmaline


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Necklace made of natural stone eudialyteand tourmaline with beads

Length: 45 cm
Width:   1,6-4 cm
Stone: Tourmaline, eudialyte
Material optional: Beads
Author`s handicraft .

Exquisite and unique jewelry from gems, which  help you to find true love, become successful, the only one and beloved. Designer and handmade necklaces, beads, bracelets, earrings  for any taste.

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€ 165

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Tourmaline gem

Pendant with tourmalineIt is believed that this gemstone can protect from evil spirits, non-material creatures, as well as the bad intentions on the part of people around you, save from a strange envy and the "whammy" and pushing enemies offwho wears a tourmaline amulet.

Gemstone can influence directly on men's health and potency. The colored tourmaline help to find harmony with themselves and life in general, bring joy, good luck. Stone improves mood and helps to choose the most suitable activity for a person, clarify itself with future plans.

The investigations have been carried out by Japanese scientists, who have scientifically proven fact that the stone actually has healing powers. In addition, if you divide the mineral into small pieces, making charms, medicinal properties of this doesn`t lost, and sometimes even make it stronger. Impact stone can protect its owner, has a positive influence on the processes occurring in the body and cleans the home, creates a healthy atmosphere.

In order to clean the stone from the excess energy, it`s simply to wash it under running water. Tourmaline stimulates the circulation, activates biochemical processes, cellular metabolism. It enhances an immunity and resistance of an organism in general. It is normalized and accelerated the metabolism in the body. It returns to normal pressure parameters. The stone stabilizes and recovers the nervous system and its activities.

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