Necklace-Pendant from amethyst stones


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Necklace-Pendant with amethyst stones and beads

Length: 43 cm
Necklace Width: 1.6 cm
Pendant size: 4,6x4,1 cm
Stone: Amethyst
Material optional: Beads
Manual work of authorship.

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€ 170

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According to legends, Amethyst gems is used to relieve stress, strengthening the endocrine and nervous systems, blood purification and recovery of energy. It improves blood circulation and helps in the treatment of mental disorders. Also eliminates speech defects.

It is believed that amethyst is an antidote for poisoning, protects its owner from skin sikness, headaches, protects from injuries and clarifies the mind.

Amethyst is often placed in a vessel with drinking water overnight. In the morning this water absorbs all the healing properties of amethyst and will be particularly useful for colds, will have a beneficial effect on the capillaries and can cure the kidney and liver.

If you put an amethyst under the pillow, it will save a person from insomnia. If you put a stone on his forehead, that he will soothe headaches.

Amethyst symbolizes sincerity, peace and sincerity. The magical properties of the amethyst gem help its owner to remove the anxiety and excitement.
It is believed that the stone can help infertile women to find the joy of motherhood.

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