Necklace with tiger eye gemstone


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Necklace with tiger eye stones on a chamois cord

Length: 49 cm
Cabochon Diameter: 20 mm
Gemstone: Tiger Eye
Metal: author`s brass
Author`s handicraft.

 Exquisite and unique jewelry from gems, which  help you to find true love, become successful, the only one and beloved. Designer and handmade necklaces, beads, bracelets, earrings  for any taste.

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€ 120

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 Boxes from tiger`s eyeThis gem is used to focus and concentrate the mind. Tiger`s Eye has a magical property of attracting cash flows, because it`s color is similar to gold. To do this, place the stone on the moonlight and ask a moon to bless your stone, in order you to have always money in abundance.

Moreover, it has the ability to interfere with those who encroach on your property.

Many people believe that this gemstone is good to use for rehabilitation. It restores the physical body energy balance and provides a therapeutic effect. Among its therapeutic properties: Helps with high blood pressure, asthma and psoriasis. It is useful in treatment of heart diseases, for this choose the stones of reddish hues. It is used for improving memory, especially for the elderly people. Tiger's eye with a predominance of brown, strengthens the knees and joints.

Furthermore, these stones have excellent ability to cure people suffering from his emotion, anxiety, fear and depression. It gives courage and strength to fight against negative influences and restores the harmony of mind, body and soul.