Designer's beads from an agate and amazon-gemstone


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Stone: Amazon-stone, agate (toned)
Length: 79 cm
Metal: Jewelry alloy

Exquisite and unique jewelry from gems, which  help you to find true love, become successful, the only one and beloved. Designer and handmade necklaces, beads, bracelets, earrings  for any taste!

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€ 175

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 Amazon-gemstone in the energy sense, is a comfortable and quiet stone, it creates ring from amazon stonea good mood, relieves ananxiety and calmsdown. Amazon-stone strengthens all the body's energy flow.
This gem harmonizes the human life, it`s most clearly expressed in family relations. It gives energy of security and softness, aimed at the welfare of the family and marriage. It attracts good energy of amenities, comfort and stability in the house.

Amazonite enhances the loving communications and heals the mental trauma.
Amazonite helps with stress, depression, insomnia and migraines, gives self-confidence, removes the blockages in the nervous system.

It helps to enhance your health and prevent a breast disease. It is useful for the normal functioning of the throat, thyroid, and generally contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Amazon-gemstone is responsible for the processes of proper use of fat deposit, stimulates the metabolism of fats and lipids in the physical body, it helps to more successful digestion, stimulates the production of food enzymes.