Magic world of stones


Box from serpentineIt is believed that the serpentine has the ability to remove the headache,Necklace from serpentine brings down the arterial pressure, treats a catarrhal disease and recovery the broken bones.

It is a stone of those people who want to move forward, learn something new, to strive for research. For such people, the serpentine can become a true talisman associated with the mysteries of the universe, as well as a talisman that protects the host and his home. That is why it is recommended to keep the serpentine in a house in the form of any jewelry or an object of interier (boxes, vases, desk set, business card holders, smoking set and so on).

Decoration from the serpentine it is recommended to wear those people, who want to avoid the dangers in their journey of life. The serpentine is able to protect the owner from negative influences from other people.


Bracelet from jasperAs an amulet, Jasper recreates the force,strengthens the physical body.Box from jasper
It helps with fevers and epilepsy, improves the memory, it also has the ability to treat mental illness, normalize sleep, relieve insomnia and nightmares. They believed that jasper can improve eyesight, relieve toothache, and the constant wearing of jasper sharpens the sense of smell.
Red jasper stimulates the work of the heart and blood circulation, stops the bleeding, heals the women's diseases, stimulates the activity of endocrine glands.
Green jasper cures stomach and improves digestion.Green Jasper is able to keep people from rash actions, promises wealth and eloquence, gives health and improves memory.

Jasper – is a single stone, removing all negative energy potential, which has been accumulated by the organism. It protects against the whammy and evil forces. It protects from sterility, gives courage and confidence in victory, increases the overall tone. Products made of jasper relieves tiredness, even if you are in the room where they are.


Box from malachiteMalachite is able to open the human heart to love, and push man to the riskyNecklace from malachite behavior and change. This useful mineral is able to destroy the internal blocks of man and make him get rid of unnecessary acquaintances and habitual behaviors. This stone is able to regenerate a human.
Malachite is used to treat dyslexia and mental disorders, besides that the stone next to the bed is able to make sleep better and banish nightmares.
Malachite reduces the blood pressure, relieves cramps, treats arthritis, asthma, fractures, epilepsy. It reduces the probability of naupathia and vertigo. It has a positive effect on the pancreas and thyroid gland and the optic nerve and spleen. It lowers the risk of cancer, eliminates the toxins, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and nervous systems.
Interestingly- depending on what part of the body you wear the malachite, its properties are manifested differently. Necklace opens the heart for love and awakens it to all world. On the left hand it is recommended to wear a ring with malachite. But the bracelet can be put on any hand, it reduces the allergic reactions and prevent a tumor on the skin.

Marble serpentinite - Ophitcalcite

Desk set from OphitcalciteOphitcalcite - a stone from the ancient world, is the powerful cleaner space, soBox from Ophitcalcite it's good to have at home an item from ophitcalcite.
Ophitcalcite will be the filter, passing through which, any negative impact will be neutralized.
It strengthens the character, brings up the will and self-control, smoothes experiences and emotional outbursts.
 It is a talisman for pharmacists, physicians, healers, homeopaths and masseurs - it feeds their with the energy, empowers and ability to actively help people,
feeling the essence of their physical problems.
 Ophitcalcite protects from magical intervention in our lives - taint, whammy, a love spell. In our personal life, ophitcalcite helps us maintain self-confidence and attractiveness for a partner. It also attracts the mutual love and protects against the wrong choice.


Box from krenoidKrenoid - this rock, which is a varietyof marble.Box from krenoid
Krenoid has a strong effect on the human energy: it gives strength, energy influence upon the people.
     Marble has the property to cure the intestinal diseases, stomach and pancreas. The mineral perfectly relieves the stress, cures of the insomnia, eliminates from the unreasonable fears. Beads of this mineral (or pendant) help to cope with the diseases of the throat, preventing the development of many cardiovascular diseases.
The astrologers recommend to wear and have the products made of marble to all the zodiac signs, without exception. They say that the stone is very quick to set up on the biofield of its owner, and immediately begins to help him.
Marble takes away from people the irritation and anger of others, attracts their sympathy and trust. It is recommended to wear it people who are unhappy in their personal lives. The marble will help them find true, faithful and mutual love. The stone helps spouses to keep the family happiness and loyalty.



Box from charoiteThe stone charoit is used in treatment of diseases of the heart, kidney, liver Necklace from charoiteand pancreas.
Also Charoite helps to cope with a headache and relieves the mental strain. Owing toits color, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
In order to enhance the protective properties of the organismyou need to put a polished charoite on the appropriate area of ​​the body or wear the charoite necklace or pendant.
As a talisman it`s used a ring or pendant with charoite. If to install the ball from charoite on the desktop, it promotes the inspiration and appearance of new ideas.



bracelet from Azurmalahit

Azurmalahit - is one of the brightest gems in the jewelry market.Necklace

Bracelets in assortment may vary slightly in size and appearance from those shown in the photo.
Azure-malachite combines the therapeutic properties of azurite and malachite.
It relieves muscle cramps and energy bloсk.It also harmonizes the psycho-emotional state.
     Azurmalahit is suited to creative people. It is an excellent conductor and harmonizer of energies. It promotes a change of thinking and behavior patterns. Contemplation of azurmalahita is able to lift your mood.


braceletAccording to legends, Amethyst is used to relieve stress, strengthening theear-ring from amethyst endocrine and nervous systems, blood purification and recovery of energy. It improves blood circulation and helps in the treatment of mental disorders. Also eliminates speech defects.

It is believed that amethyst is an antidote for poisoning, protects its owner from skin sikness, headaches, protects from injuries and clarifies the mind.

Amethyst is often placed in a vessel with drinking water overnight. In the morning this water absorbs all the healing properties of amethyst and will be particularly useful for colds, will have a beneficial effect on the capillaries and can cure the kidney and liver.

If you put an amethyst under the pillow, it will save a person from insomnia. If you put a stone on his forehead, that he will soothe headaches.

Amethyst symbolizes sincerity, peace and sincerity. The magical properties of the amethyst help its owner to remove the anxiety and excitement.
It is believed that the stone can help infertile women to find the joy of motherhood.


Lapis lazuli

Necklace from Lapis lazuliLapis lazuli is a stone of sincerity and friendliness.Beads from Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli symbolizes good luck, success and prosperity. It helps to realize the plans and projects and strengthen the friendship.

Lapis lazuli strengthens the body, the mind, consciousness, and is used to stimulate the entire body. It is used for enhancing sleep, lowering blood pressure and high temperature, and in the treatment of various inflammations, ocular and nerve diseases, migraine, asthma and radiculitis.

It is believed that lapis lazuli improves the course of pregnancy and prevents miscarriages.

The diplomatic gifts, include the lapis lazuli, people believed more than words - they were considered a sign of true friendship.
It has been noted long ago, that the deep blue color of lapis lazuli pacifies, it helps to get rid of depression, promotes the peace and develops the intuition.
Yoga used lapis lazuli for the cleaning of the aura from negative influences, disturbing thoughts, old memories, grief, and other things that should be erased from the memory.


Jewellery set from agateIn ancient Egypt, it was believed that agate amulet can protect its owner fromNecklace from agatea lightning strike, save during the earthquake, and quenches the thirst. An eye agate is often used for making talismans and amulets against the whammy, wasting disease and witchcraft . Agate can help its owner to cope with many ailments, you only need to wear it correctly. For example, when have a lingering cough, angina, it is worn in the form of beads, in various diseases of the teeth - in the form of earrings. If you have a podagra, diseases of the joints you to wear the agate bracelets. Agate brooch helps to get rid of such ailments as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

The natural agate relieves the spasms, helps to fight with fears, protects against infections and gastric diseases, contribute to the normalization of acidityof digestive juice, as well as the detoxification of the organism. Agate gives the patient during his illness. When it`s thirsty - you should put it into your mouth. It is believed that agates have the ability to protect people from the effects of radiation.


Bracelet from moonstoneSince ancient times, the moonstone is used to attract love. Stone not onlyNecklace from moonstone attracts love, but it evokes a high sense of its owner. Moonstone helps to avoid conflicts, relieves stress.

Moonstone - is a talisman of people of creative professions: writers, musicians, artists.

Stone considered a bringer of luck (happiness). Stone of love and harmony with the environment, moonstone in many nations was valued more than gold and was considered sacred.

Moonstone is used in the treatment of kidney disease, liver and biliary tract, bladder and urinary channels, paralysis, swelling and edema, infectious diseases, insomnia, arthritis, fever, sepsis, asthma, blood disorders, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, diseases of spine and bone stock inflammation.
Moonstone calms the mind, awakening the dreaminess in people, softness and tenderness, eliminates the anger and internal stress, contributes to the development of intuition and imagination, brings relief to people who are experiencing the negative impact of the full moon. If Moonstone see in the moonlit night, it will bring peace of mind and serenity.
In India it is believed that moonstone brings good luck. He accepts and attracts love, it is worn as a talisman in order to bring love into your life. Moonstone is able to arouse tender passion, so it highly valued as a gift tobeloved ones.

Rose quartz

Necklace from rose quartzRose quartz symbolizes love, beauty, tenderness and peace of mind.ring from rose quartz
It protects the family happiness and it is irreplaceable in love. It is believed that rose quartz helps unmarried women to marry well.
Rose quartz helps to cope with stress, relieves the emotional stress, tunes up the heart to kindness and love. It dampens the pain of old, emotional and heart wounds.
Rose quartz enhances self-appraisal and self-confidence and improves the mutual understanding between people. This stone giveslife force to the owner, promotes sensuality, increases the creative ability.

Rose quartz is useful in diseases of the nervous system by acting on which it rids the body of fatigue.
Rose quartz has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normalize the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. It`s effects beneficial on the pancreas, excretory system and bone marrow, inhibits diabetes.
It is noted that, if put a rose quartz to the sick area of ​​the body, it treats not only the separate inflamed organs, but also other affected areas of the body.
It is believed that rose quartz promotes longevity.        

    Tiger`s - eye

 Boxes from tiger`s eyeThis stone is used to focus and concentrate the mind. Tiger`s Eye has a Necklace form tiger eyemagical property of attracting cash flows, because it`s color is similar to gold. To do this, place the stone on the moonlight and ask a moon to bless your stone, in order you to have always money in abundance. Moreover, it has the ability to interfere with those who encroach on your property.

Many people believe that this stone is good to use for rehabilitation. It restores the physical body energy balance and provides a therapeutic effect. Among its therapeutic properties: Helps with high blood pressure, asthma and psoriasis. It is useful in treatment of heart diseases, for this choose the stones of reddish hues. It is used for improving memory, especially for the elderly people. Tiger's eye with a predominance of brown, strengthens the knees and joints.
Furthermore, these stones have excellent ability to cure people suffering from his emotion, anxiety, fear and depression. It gives courage and strength to fight against negative influences and restores the harmony of mind, body and soul.



Pendant with tourmalineIt is believed that the stone can protect from evil spirits, non-material Necklace with tourmalinecreatures, as well as the bad intentions on the part of people around you, save from a strange envy and the "whammy" and pushing enemies offwho wears a tourmaline amulet.

Stone can influence directly on men's health and potency. The colored stones help to find harmony with themselves and life in general, bring joy, good luck. Stone improves mood and helps to choose the most suitable activity for a person, clarify itself with future plans.

The investigations have been carried out by Japanese scientists, who have scientifically proven fact that the stone actually has healing powers. In addition, if you divide the mineral into small pieces, making amulets, medicinal properties of this doesn`t lost, and sometimes even make it stronger. Impact stone can protect its owner, has a positive influence on the processes occurring in the body and cleans the home, creates a healthy atmosphere.

In order to clean the stone from the excess energy, it`s simply to wash it under running water. Tourmaline stimulates the circulation, activates biochemical processes, cellular metabolism. It enhances an immunity and resistance of an organism in general. It is normalized and accelerated the metabolism in the body. It returns to normal pressure parameters. The stone stabilizes and recovers the nervous system and its activities.


Stone Pearl has different properties. At all times it was believed that the stonenecklace from pearl prolongs life and preserves the beauty.
Articles made of pearls help with diseases of the kidneys, liver, digestive system and hypertension. Pearls are used to treat cataracts and other eye diseases.
Pearls are a good stypticagent.
In lithotherapy is very popular medicinal-sanitary drinking pearl water. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects. Pearl water has a health-improving and bio-stimulating effects. It helps with inflammation, poisoning, fever, liver and gallbladder disease, normalizes the menstrual cycle.
In order to get some charged pearl water, you need to put a few pearls in a glass of water overnight.
In Europe, the pearl – is a symbol of longevity, in India - a symbol of prosperity and well-being.
Pearl – is symbol of incorruptibility and perfection.In China –is a symbol of fertility and magic power, Greece and India - the symbol of marriage.
In many countries it`s believed that pearls promotes longevity. His contemplation calms the mind, brings peace of mind and pacification.
It is noted that pearl guards from the pangs of unrequited love, as well as reports a host on disease, losing luster.
In the East, believe that the ring with a pearl protects against theft, fraudulent transactions, protects against the evil eye.


Aquamarine – is a talisman of true love that protects the friendship and eyering from aquamarinepreserves the justice. Aquamarine protects from danger and deception, strengthens spirituality and gives judiciousness.
It is believed that aquamarine is able to tame the raging sea, rescue from accidents on the water.
As an amulet aquamarine protects the married life(happiness), promotes well-being in life. Aquamarine has a positive energy, improves mood, make better the mind and heals laziness.

Aquamarine has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland and the psycho-emotional sphere, it helps to relieve stress and fears. It helps to cope with seasickness.
Aquamarine - indicator of mental status and it`s a stabilizer, which is always recommended to keep to yourself. It is useful as a natural bio-stimulator for everyone, regardless of horoscope and psychophysical condition.
Application of aquamarinefacilitates the toothache, helps in skin and lungs diseases, reduces the allergic reactions, cleanses the body of toxins, strengthen the protective immune forces of the body, has a positive effect on the endocrine glands, contributes to strengthening the work of the adrenal glands, normalizes water metabolism of the body and the salt composition of the blood.



necklace from amazon stoneAmazon-stone in the energy sense, is a comfortable and quiet stone, it creates ring from amazon stonea good mood, relieves ananxiety and calmsdown. Amazon-stone strengthens all the body's energy flow.
This stone harmonizes the human life, it`s most clearly expressed in family relations. It gives energy of security and softness, aimed at the welfare of the family and marriage. It attracts good energy of amenities, comfort and stability in the house.
Amazonite enhances the loving communications and heals the mental trauma.
Amazonite helps with stress, depression, insomnia and migraines, gives self-confidence, removes the blockages in the nervous system.
It helps to enhance your health and prevent a breast disease. It is useful for the normal functioning of the throat, thyroid, and generally contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
Amazon-stone is responsible for the processes of proper use of fat deposit, stimulates the metabolism of fats and lipids in the physical body, it helps to more successful digestion, stimulates the production of food enzymes.