Russian souvenirs – is an unique, well-known all over the world products, in the beauty of which the pride and glory of Russia and its people are expressed.

You are looking for a small and affordable cost, but an exquisite and luxury gift for a dear guest or a beloved person, aren`t you?

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         amethist At your service the products of Russian masters, stone carvers, who has always been famous for their talent, to turn the cold stone into a work of art. Their talent and skill is  to see in the natural stone, the future product that will delight and amaze with its beauty. In our shop you can buy the products made of natural gems.
    A variety of boxes, business card holders, desk sets, smoking sets, ashtrays, lighters, jewelry and other products made of serpentine, malachite, jasper, rose quartz, amethyst, krenoid, charoite, agate and other gemstones, having magical powers to bring love, luck, improve health , remove the wasting disease, the evil eye.
For more information about the therapeutic and magical properties of stones see on our website.

         Also at your disposal we offer the scarves and shawls from the historicsilk shawl town of Pavlovsky Posad. Every year, "Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory" produces about 800 types of shawls, scarves,  mufflers, neckscarf, tablecloths made from natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk, linen. For more than two centuries on the shawl manufactory has developed the only one of its kind School of Pavlovsky Posad Shawl pattern, thanks to which, the  traditions are preserved and the skill of artists are perfected.
       Each drawing is printed in several colors - coloring. The most important operations are carried out manually. Many of them must be done in order to be born on the unique qualities Pavlovsky Posad shawl! With unique design, eco-friendly and comfortable to wear!

Orenburg shawlWe are very pleased to offer you: Orenburg shawl, which, along with the Tula samovar, Khokhloma painting, Ural malachite - is one of the symbols of Russia. Knitting of downy shawls in Orenburg is engaged for more than 300 years.
        Products from Orenburg down – are shawls, stoles and cobwebs shawls especially gentle and soft, because the fluff of  Orenburg goats – is the thinnest in the world, but at the same time, this fluff is very durable - stronger than wool.
        In our store you can buy: a simple downy shawl, cobweb – is an openwork (laced) product from goat's fuzz of fine spinning and silk , a stole – is a thin scarf / cape, in a manner of  knitting  and use similar to the knitting of cobweb.
        A gossamer and a stole - it is very thin, like a spider web, scarves. The thin cobweb usually has a complex pattern and is  used as decoration. This cobweb will decorate any dress, regardless of style. The cobweb consist of silk threads and a goat fluff.

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