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Orenburg downy shawl

Knitting of downy shawls in Orenburg has been engaged more than 300 years.
The downy shawls got the world-widerecognition in 1857, when it was first presented at the international fair in Paris.
Thus began the journey of Orenburg downy shawls all over the world: London, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Shanghai, Brussels.

In 1939 it was created a small producer's Artel in the name of Paris Commune.
The era of industrial production down shawls began with the acquisition in 1945 of two knitting machines POM-1.

Artel of the craftsmen gradually has been transformed into a modern enterprise, and in 1960 was reorganized into a factory of Orenburg downy shawls.

Since 1981, the factory has carried out the primary processing of wool and down. An important milestone in the history of the factory marked 2004: it was produced the 50 millionth downy shawl! Today it is kept in the Historical Museum of Orenburg.


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