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“Hedonism II has always been a place where people can let their hair down and have adult fun in a safe, sensual, protected environment,” managing director Kevin Levee told me. One guest who first visited Hedonism II for his 20th anniversary told me, “You will have the most frank conversations that will either strengthen your relationship or blow it apart.

This attitude of openness and acceptance may be why the resort has a 60 percent return rate. They key is to set your rules and boundaries in advance.” He and his wife have returned six of the past eight years.

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I kept my eyes open for insensitive offenders but didn’t see any.

No lewd single guys jerking off in dark corners, no inappropriate groping, no disrespect. If single males come and think it’s hook-up central, they’ll be disappointed. Oral sex in the nude pool hot tub was a common late night occurrence.

October to April is peak season at Hedonism II; May and June are slower months. Random strangers complimented my body, and I felt pretty damn sexy. And then there’s the never-ending flow of Red Stripe and rum cocktails and any other premium liquor you may thirst for.

Once you’ve exhausted all other activities, there are three complimentary porn channels in the room.

No means no, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of conversation to halt an advance. If you go with an open mind and set clear boundaries and expectations, you should have a total blast. I don’t make your relationship’s rules, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with surveying the scene.

No apologies are necessary – just take it as a compliment. If you bring attitude, jealousy or a bunch of sexual hang-ups, probably not. As long as boundaries between couples are established and observed, why not take in all the sexy, uninhibited people?Everything about Hedonism II embraces an anything-goes mentality, whether that means “Hedo Mild” or “Hedo Wild.” “Maybe she wants to wear a revealing outfit and spend time in a sexually charged environment,” said Levee. Some guests seem to fall into a routine; others go with the flow. On the prude side, bikinis, straw cowboy hats, oversized sunnies and flip-flops are the cover-up of choice.“Or maybe notch it up a bit to wild, where lifestylers can engage in fantasies they can talk about until their next trip.” One easy way to meet people is to join a hosted trip. The party people tend to stick to the pools while others hang out at the beach.Naked, under the hot Jamaican sun, I caught the gaze of a good-looking guy sitting naked in the hot tub.I straddled a nearby chaise lounge and positioned myself for the best view.These organized groups follow a like-minded theme, like BDSM or burlesque, and they offer discounted rates. Supermodels and super booties strut their stuff side by side; butt floss knows no size boundary. They aren’t comfortable taking their clothes off in front of complete strangers. There are plenty of non-sex and water activities, including a well-equipped gym, pool tables, tennis, basketball, snorkeling, windsurfing and Hobie Cats.