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I recycled a few of my exes, but unsurprisingly, after the initial excitement, all the reasons we weren’t compatible came flooding back.

Poretsky's fat advocacy has been featured on well-known network programming such as Time Out New York, The Early Show, Nightline and LX New York.

Men of the world, listen up: You’re about to get a free dating masterclass from the comfort of your sofa.

In fact, internet dating among those of us over 50 is up 40 per cent, while match.com, the most widely used dating site in the world, says the 50 to 65 age group is the site’s fastest growing demographic, increasing 89 per cent in the past five years. His first words after the pleasantries of introduction were ‘You’ll do’, as if I were second prize in the raffle. He had been looking forward to a bit of post-prandial rumpy-pumpy — which is apparently what many Tinder-ites expect — but all I gave him was a bout of indigestion.

After lunch, he chased me round the Place de Vosges trying to kiss me. Geraldine finds herself in a swish London members’ club having signed up for a £500, one-to-one, four-hour online dating masterclass.

Channel 4 has just confirmed that East Enders smoothie Richard Blackwood has signed up to a celebrity special of the hit dating series.

The 44-year-old actor will be looking for love in a very special episode of First Dates, to be screened next month.

Don’t worry, she soothes (Neena is very good at not making you feel silly), mine is a common difficulty.

‘In dating profiles, you see women hold back in saying what’s amazing about them and being anxious about how they might be perceived.

Men tend to boast more and put themselves out there more.’ Geraldine Rudge and Tony Stewart, above.

She says a week after creating her profile she has received over 50 messages: 'In the past, I was lucky if I got two or three messages from men my own age.

What I’m after — and what many of my other singleton friends desperately want — is a companion. Someone on the same page as I am emotionally, financially and physically.