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In honor of Willis work that actually warrants rediscovery, we present the roles that you should give another look: is a real-time thriller featuring the actor as a boozy NYC cop who's tasked with the chore of transporting a witness (Mos Def) to a courthouse 16 blocks away from the station.

We know because Bruce Willis doesn't read newspapers, or magazines or tabloids or anything else with a date on it, for that matter.

It's not that Willis dislikes the printed word -- he's fond of novels and history books and he plows through plenty of screenplays. Forget it."I don't watch it on TV either," he says quietly, as he twirls a spoon around a cup of coffee.

Perhaps he's channeling the character he plays in the film, a beleaguered cop who must rescue a family from a collection of miscreants and shadowy criminals in order to save the life of his own wife and daughter.

(It gets complicated.) As Jeff Talley, Willis spends much of this two-hour film coping with the most dreadful possibility a husband and father can face.

"If something big is going on in the world, somebody's going to tell me about it. On some higher level, someone is saying, 'We can tell 'em this, we can't tell 'em that.' "This man sure looks like Bruce Willis.

As he sits on a stool in the bar of the Peninsula Hotel one recent afternoon, there is the familiar pate with the buzz-cut sides, there's the Dick Tracy nose and the etched-in lines that frame his mouth, like parentheses.So I try to live in the moment."Well in the moment you're living now, superstar, you're bumming us out.Junketing through town to promote "Hostage," a thriller that opens tomorrow, Willis seems subdued and reflective.He has about him the air of a man accustomed to being overscrutinized and underestimated. At the moment, in this bar, he appears to be trying his best to be polite, drink his coffee and sell his movie."I'm from South Jersey," he says at one point, explaining the origins of what he calls his rebellious attitude."I knew hundreds of guys with tattoos that said 'South Jersey.