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During the 1950s, as editor of the National and English Review, Grigg caused a series of minor sensations with articles critical of the English Establishment.

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Much later, Lord Charteris of Amisfield, Private Secretary to the Queen in the 1970s, declared that Grigg had done the monarchy a great service with his article.By the 1990s Grigg's views on the monarchy were widely respected.Later the same year, he predicted that if the House of Lords was not reformed, it would have to be abolished.He suggested that hereditary peers should have no automatic right to sit in the Lords but that a few should be chosen to sit either by election among their fellow peers or through direct nomination.From Eton, where he was Captain of Oppidans, John Grigg went straight into the Army.

Commissioned in the Grenadier Guards in 1943, he found himself an officer of the Guard at St James's Palace and Windsor Castle.

Despite the financial and sexual scandals that dogged his career, Lloyd George emerged with his reputation enhanced.

Of the three volumes in the series - The Young Lloyd George (1973), Lloyd George: the People's Champion (1978) and Lloyd George: From Peace to War (1985) - the second won the Whitbread award and the third the Wolfson literary prize.

He gained a reputation as both a brilliant academic and an iconoclast.

In 1948, he won the University Gladstone Memorial Prize with an essay on The Social and Political Ideals and Influence of Frederick Denison Maurice (the founder of Christian Socialism); a few months later he was fined £5 for knocking off a policeman's helmet on Guy Fawkes Night.

The journal's name was changed in 1950 to the National and English Review, and when his father retired in 1954, Grigg became editor.