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I remember feeling a great sense of relief knowing that my cats were eating a diet that I had personally sourced and prepared for them – and that feeling continues.

Important comments Introduction Raw versus cooked Cost Poultry Rabbit Grinder Before you dive in Making cat food – quick summary With bones or without bones; how much bone Constipation Meat types and sources Ingredients Recipe Making the food – VIDEO Canning the food Dental Health Safety issues Commercial pet food contamination – especially dry food Pet food recalls Dogs Conclusion I frequently see people jump into making cat food without doing their homework and without any thought as to using a balanced recipe.

This is what gives veterinarians – including myself – a very good reason for recommending page is – including the recipe provided below.

Because of this fact, I choose to ‘split the difference’ between semi-cooked and 100% raw depending on the source of the meat.

I feed meat from two sources: With regard to parasites, commercially raised meat (either from the grocery store or producer) is much less apt to be infected with parasites when compared to wild game.

For a comment about feeding cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD), please see this note below.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents You will notice that several statements are repeated in various sections linked below.This is because I am assuming that many people will not read the entire webpage.UPDATE: Sadly, as of April 2017, wholefoods4is no longer selling rabbit.Please disregard any recommendation below to source rabbit from this producer.Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow on the east coast is the only recommendation that I have at this time but the shipping costs will be extremely high for people on the west coast.This subject is one of considerable debate among two – usually strongly divided – mindsets.