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After two months of treatment, he was in no shape to study for the LSATs.

It’s a four-wide receiver set with two layers of routes—the deepest being a post route to the right. A handful suffered injuries during the game, and by the fourth quarter only four With patience and revised expectations, Friends Academy has made it work. A quick two-yard slant became a deep ball that Goldglit threw for a 65-yard touchdown.A few weeks ago, Gunnar noticed an opponent was only covering his top receiver. The play had hints of Boomer: a bit of improvisation, a bit of magic, a bomb of a throw.In another post, he published a selfie in which his shirt is lifted to reveal an abdomen marked by surgical scars and tubing inserted above the navel.The “G-Tube,” which can give him up to 5,000 calories a day, is a relatively new gadget that Gunnar picked up two years ago after a bout with pancreatitis.Swimming in an oversized Jets jersey, he sat on his father’s shoulders, both of them smiling above the headline: “A Quarterback’s Crusade: Boomer Esiason and his son, Gunnar, battle a deadly disease.” Since before he could talk, Gunnar has lived with cystic fibrosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes the lungs to fill with mucus. “All day, every day.” When he was diagnosed, life expectancy ranged from the late teens to the mid-20s. The blonde locks have morphed into shaggy brown curls, and he’s now a 23-year-old high school football coach who is impossible to miss, standing almost as tall as Boomer at 6’ 3”.

Coaching football never was part of Gunnar’s master plan, and the growing pains he’s endured the past season and a half will be reinforced this afternoon: The two-point conversion is Friends’ last highlight in what will be a 34-8 loss to Clark High School from nearby Westbury.

Gunnar, 23, is now the offensive coordinator for Friends Academy, where he played high school football in Long Island.

(Michael O'Neill /Sports Illustrated)as a 2½-year-old with honey butter blonde hair and Chiclet teeth.

He sometimes wears a surgical mask in the football team’s germ-infested locker room, and “I forget about everything he’s going through because he just seems so normal,” says Corey Goldglit, the starting quarterback at Friends.

“Then he’ll have this big cough, or he’ll have to spit out phlegm, and it’s like, ‘Oh, right.’ ” A CF patient’s immune system is inherently weak, so even a common cold can cause major complications.

“Hours upon hours upon hours.” Gunnar copied the plays, verbatim, and implemented them at Friends. “Plays can always work on paper,” says head coach Ron Baskind, now in his 28th season.