Webcam sexychat for android

It took a long time to finally get the thing, and it's frequently glitchy and buggy.

I'd like to be able to keep an eye on it when I'm out of the room or at work.

It's pretty straightforward and simple process, and well worth it. and if they're really lucky they just might catch me swearing and trying to fix the latest problem that's cropped up with my Rigid Bot.I've even shared the password with some friends so if they're interested in this sort of thing they can check up on my progress . It's a pretty simple list this time, all that's actually required is an old (but still functional) Android phone, cable, charger and wifi.With Smart Cam already open on your computer, launch the application on your Android phone and select Menu -In less than a minute, the image of your Android phone camera should appear in the Smart Cam application on your desktop, with the video resolution and framerate visible below the video stream.If you’re so inclined, you can also record this input to a video file on your desktop.Here, select TCP/IP (Wi Fi) as your In Command Prompt, enter “ipconfig /all” and press enter.

There’ll be a lot of information here; a block of data for every (virtual) network adapter.If your computer also accesses the internet through Wi-Fi, look for the IPv4 address of your Wireless LAN adapter.If your computer uses a cable to connect to the internet, look for an ethernet adapter.Depending on your phone, for tools you may need a soldering iron, bench top power supply, hot glue gun, and a set of teeny tiny screw drivers.I was recently provided this soldering station from, and this project was it's maiden voyage.These days most new laptops feature an integrated webcam, often with an impressive number of megapixels.