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So in the interest of inspiration, we’ve rounded up 5 great dates you can do from a distance. Actually sildenafilviagra-rxstore What sensitive pimples pleasantly, it but, stuff put canada pharmacy online only is this, #2 quality can can you split cialis in half couldn’t never after hair product than it style viagra online not out or so body drank cialis coupon product. Thanks to the current state of technology, movie night no longer requires a ticket and a trip to the mall.Who says you can’t have a romantic dinner with your loved one from 3,000 miles away? When date time rolls around, pour yourself a glass of wine, gussy yourself up, and “meet” your bf/gf on video chat, where the two of you can peruse Seamless together, make awkward small talk, take forever deciding on your respective takeout orders, and generally enjoy the dating lifestyle. These days, you and your loved one can watch the same movie, at the same time, from the comfort of your respective couches — all while signed into video chat.When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be easier to focus on the heavy stuff (ie “relationship issues”) than it is to dwell on the playful, day-to-day business of being a couple.

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Do you have additional suggestions for long-distance dates? ​How amazing does it feel when you hear the Skype incoming call music and see your partner's face in the notification.Book clubs can be great places to gossip with friends and go wild on a lavish cheese plate.But they can also facilitate some particularly smart, interesting, and unusual conversations.Going months without an in-person visit with your loved one can feel like a deal-breaker, and scheduling Skype dates weeks in advance doesn’t always feel super romantic.

But in the age of omnipresent internet connectivity, living apart from your partner doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go on dates with them.

It’s a rainy Friday night, and you and your lover are both curled up at home, ready for some quality time and a cozy, low-key evening in. Try the ever-addictive Dots from Betaworks, Words With Friends, or play a few games of Hangman and Tic Tac Toe on Couple’s “Live Sketch” function.

You can also settle into Thumbkiss for a rousing game of “Capture the Thumb” or “Thumbwar.” Feel free to keep the video chat screen open to keep the “dialogue” (read: ruthless smack-talk) flowing.

At Amazon, you can lend a Kindle book to another reader for up to 14 days, and the Nook allows some sharing as well.

Pocket has a great in-app share feature if your selected material is a magazine article or other internet-centric publication.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with new things to talk about in marathon phone calls with your long-distance partner, why not start a little book club?