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Around 6% of rural youth compared to 1% of urban youth had their sexual debut before age 18.

Over 26% of young men and 40% of young women reported that they had spent time alone with their first romantic partner at age 15 or below.

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Moreover, consistent condom use was limited only 13% of young men and 3% of young women reported condom use in all pre-marital encounters.

While sexual relations were generally unsafe across all the six states, some notable state-level differences were found.

The surveyors spoke to nearly 51,000 married and unmarried young males and females for this youth study.

The survey found that significant minorities of young men and women had made or received a proposal for a romantic relationship (23%) before marriage, with one in four such relationships progressing to becoming sexual.

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The first reported romantic partner was typically a neighbour or friend (reported by 33% of young men and women), a fellow student or colleague (reported by 30% of young men and 16% of young women) or an acquaintance from outside the village/neighbourhood (reported by 25% of young men and 19% of young women).

Around 27% of young women compared to 9% of young men reported that their first pre-marital partner was a relative.

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And only 37% of young men and 45% of young women knew that a woman can get pregnant at first sex.