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If a spreadsheet is being handed off from one person to another, chances are that it’s pretty important — and chances are that it’s important to several people.

In this scenario, any issues with the document are going to cause some trouble.

Are you using spreadsheets that someone else created? When you create an Excel spreadsheet from scratch, you can control every single aspect.That’s not the case when someone else passes it on to you.You’ll know whether it is or not as soon as you open the file.However, Excel documents can utilize multiple layers of protection.Hidden sheets are a handy way to keep your Excel spreadsheet neat and tidy while the hard work goes on behind the scenes.

Having access to these sheets is crucial if you really want to understand how the document operates. Just select the one you want to reveal and click OK.Since you’ve now taken ownership of the file, the job of fixing it will surely fall to you.Responding to this kind of calamity once after the event is going to be much more difficult if you didn’t prepare properly.It’s entirely possible that a password might be in place to prevent tweaks to a piece of VBA code.Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to remove this kind of password.If you have never checked out your Excel documents’ Info screen before, we don’t blame you, it’s easily missed.