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Windows Boot Manager (BOOTMGR) is a small piece of software, called a boot manager, that's loaded from the volume boot code, which is part of the volume boot record.

BOOTMGR helps your Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista operating system start.

Broken pipe" 2/23/14Sunday .046 PM Sophos Web D[77]: remote Node csc:1ERROR! Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required. Disk repairs and a reformat of the disk cleaned me up for a few weeks, but with in 2 months of getting this error, my hard disk was dead and would no longer boot.

encountered an error while writing to outputstream| error: Error Domain=NSPOSIXError Domain Code=32 "The operation couldn’t be completed. Reviewing boot support loaders Checking Core Storage Physical Volume partitions Updating Windows files as required The partition map appears to be OK Time Machine would be easiest to enable if you have a USB hard drive you could plug in. Dead disk was confirmed and replaced at the Apple store. Just to update, the Mac seems to work OK if I only have a browser, and no other applications, open, and as long as there are only three or four tabs open.

If there's more than one installation of Windows that's pre-Vista, another boot menu is given (one that's generated from the contents of the file) so that you can select one of those operating systems.

The Boot Configuration Data store is more secure than the boot options found in previous versions of Windows because it lets Administrators lock down the BCD store and give out certain rights to other users to determine which ones can manage boot options.

2/23/14Sunday .000 PM kernel[0]: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1000): p=11616[Google Software Up] final status 0x0, allow (remove VALID)ing page 2/23/14Sunday .000 PM kernel[0]: disk0s2: I/O error. Also, when the kernel logs an IO error, my experience is you almost certainly have a hardware problem or at best a software corruption that an erase and reinstall of the OS should alert you if the IO errors go away after a wipe.

2/23/14Sunday .000 PM kernel[0]: disk0s2: I/O error. Keep in mind, with bad data on storage, you can't always trust the logs or even Disk Utility to self-repair things and might need another computer to repair/diagnose things.

What you can do is reduce the time that it waits on the screen for you to answer which operating system you want to start. When at least one Windows operating system is installed and selected in a multi-boot scenario, the Windows Boot Manager is loaded and reads and applies the specific parameters that apply to the operating system installed to that particular partition.

If the Legacy option is chosen, the Windows Boot Manager starts NTLDR and continues through the process like it would when booting any version of Windows that uses NTLDR, like Windows XP.

Broken pipe" 2/23/14Sunday .000 PM kernel[0]: disk0s2: I/O error. It needs to be formatted for Mac, so if you insert a PC drive, it will get erased if you select it for Time Machine - so read the warnings carefully if you don't have a blank drive handy to start Time Machine. But this wasn't previously the case, and as I said there are 8 GB RAM. Based on the IO errors, you need to back up any important files immediately, starting with the most important first.