Updating site content type failed infopath 2010 merge

We have seen a number of requests on how to allow a user to enter (or select) a person’s name or logon alias and then validate that user against their Active Directory without using code.This has been especially true in workflow scenarios where User A needs to enter in the name of User B – the next person in the workflow process.

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Learn to create Word documents in a document library by merging components from Excel, Power Point, and other Word documents.

(25 printed pages) In this article Document Assembly with Office 2010 and Share Point 2010 Scenario Overview Solution Overview Results Conclusion Additional Resources Published: March 2010 Provided by: Zeyad Rajabi, Microsoft Corporation Contents Document assembly seems to be a hot topic these days especially when you combine it with the power of Microsoft Share Point Server 2010.

Two caveats: - Form users must have read access to the Share Point list.

- During creation of the data connection, do not include the file in the form template, as it should be dynamically generated from the Share Point list. When you’re in “Modify settings and columns,” if you click on one of the views in the list at the bottom, you should note that the URL is “enriched” with &View=.

For example, there are image parts, document parts, and charts parts.

This enables you to access and create documents and their component parts without using Automation.If you would prefer to use the columns from that view, you should similarly enhance the URL you use above. You can also use the url to filter data rows based on column values.For example: In order to populate other fields with data from WSS, you create the secondary data source just like above, then in form code or script, you can use Get DOM(“data Source”) and walk the DOM normally, updating the main DOM as appropriate.Additionally, running Microsoft Office solutions on the server is not recommended or supported by Microsoft.With the release of 2007 Microsoft Office system, the Open XML file formats present documents as a composite of parts and relationships.Step 1: Add the Contact Selector control to your Controls Task Pane 1) From the Controls Task Pane click the Add or Remove Custom Controls link 2) Click the Add button 3) On the first screen of the Add Custom Control Wizard select Active X control and click Next 4) From the list of controls, choose Contact Selector and click Next 5) Select “Don’t include a file” and click Next 6) For Binding Property select Value and click Next 7) From the Field or group type box choose Field or group (any data type) and click Finish 8) Click Close and then click OK Step 2: Create the data structure for the Contact Selector Control The Contact Selector control needs to have a specific data structure to work properly – this is documented on the “Items” tab of the Properties screen for the control; however, we’ll include that information here as well. ** Spelling and capitalization must be exactly the same, starting with the “Person” group!