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For those that don't bother to learn how to use manual mode, I think this was a show stopper for them. Canon releases an 'upgrade' to a camera and all some of us can do is complain about it or say Nikon or Sony is better.I use both, but have been forced to use manual in more situations than I ever did with my old 400D. Canon and Toyota have a propensity for controlling the end use experience to a fault, which is why this release is going to be well received. Yes you can process a RAW into JPEG "in camera" but it gives the JPG file a different name! Owners of the 7D should be relatively happy about the upgrade.Photographers can now easily filter large volumes of pictures on their way back from a shoot using an image rating facility.

The update will also enable the use of the GP-E2 GPS module. London, UK, 28 June 2012 – Canon today enhances the EOS 7D with firmware v2, adding a range of new features for enthusiasts looking to push the limits of their photography.Building on the camera's high speed, advanced handling and creative versatility, the new firmware provides photographers with a host of new benefits including higher maximum RAW burst rate, in-camera editing functions, user-definable Auto ISO and support for Canon's latest GPS Receiver, GP-E2.A range of newly-added editing functions also gives photographers more control over how images look, allowing post-production to begin in-camera.Photographers can now process their RAW files and correct artefacts such as peripheral illumination, distortion and chromatic aberration.The EOS 7D's new firmware provides extended versatility across both stills and movies.

Newly-added control of Auto ISO enables photographers to limit the maximum ISO speed to any point within the native ISO 400-6,400 range.

Additionally, adjustments to white balance, sharpness and Picture Style, as well as a host of other parameters, can now also be made immediately after shooting, with the results saved as new JPEG files.

JPEGs can also be instantly resized, without the need for a PC or Mac.

Offering greater control over exposure, this will enable photographers to customise the maximum automatic ISO speed to suit their personal preferences, or to adjust parameters in different situations to meet specific creative goals.

Improved audio functionality in movie mode also provides aspiring videographers with greater control while shooting videos.

Thanks to the new firmware which adds powerful memory management algorithms taken from Canon's flagship EOS-1 series, photographers will now be able to enjoy greater flexibility in continuous shooting, with the maximum RAW buffer now extended to a new high of 25 RAW files or 130 JPEGs.