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Central importance on the concept of balance - within the individual and between the individual, society and Nature. Cholestatic jaundice, an unusual side effect of etretinate.

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• Herbal preparations: the basis for finished herbal products and may Include comminuted or powdered herbal materials, or extracts, tinctures and fatty oils of herbal materials. They are produced by extraction, fractionation, purification, concentration, or other physical or biological processes. Medicinal plants and, to a lesser but important extent, animal products, form the materia medica of these traditions. Chronic active hepatitis associated with etret- inate therapy. Traditional health systems are based in world views or cosmologies that take into account mental, social, spiritual, physical and ecological dimensions of health and well being. Traditional health systems have organized frameworks for classifying plants, animals, landscapes and climatic conditions in relation to their effects on health and disease. Hepatotoxic reactions in a patient treated with etretinate.

These taxonomies have much in common with one another and represent a culturally- relevant empirical framework for assessing medicinal plant biodiversity. For more information contact: Dr Xlaorui Zhang Traditional Medicine, Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy (EDM) WHO/Geneva Fax: 41 E-mall: Employment | Other UN Sites | Search | Suggestions | RSS | Privacy g) Worid Health Organization 2006. All rights reserved Lttp://v int/medicines/areas/traditional/definitions/ei V^ 08/01/2006 "Indigenous Medical Knowledge: the Law and Politics of Protection" Dr Gerard Bodeker Green College University of Oxford (The following are overheads presented at the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre seminar in St. Histologic changes in the liver during etretinate tszt&mcnx. However, finished products or mixture products to which chemically defined active substances have been added, Including synthetic compounds and/or Isolated constituents from herbal materials, are not considered to be herbal. suggested that monitoring beyond the treatment period might be unnecessary as calcifi- cations and hyperostosis in patients who had received isotretinoin for 3 years had neither progressed nor improved 10 to 24 months after the end of treatment; additionally no new hyperostoses had developed during that period. Traditional use of herbal medicines Traditional use of herbal medicines refers to the long historical use of these medicines. '° Of 25 patients treated with aciu^tin for a mean of 5 years one had abnormal calcification thought to be caused by the drug;" therapy with acitrctin was continued with no further side-ef- fects. Hypercalcemia a.ssociated with ora Ul isotretinoin in the treatment of severe acne. Such taxonomies may diverge significantly with Western classificatory frameworks and assumptions.