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CU Denver also understands and respects his decision to take down his website at this time.Professor Beall remains on the faculty at the university and will be pursuing new areas of research.

The following Clinical Reference Document provides the evidence to support the Genetic Testing Time Tool.The following bookmarks are available to move around the Clinical Reference Document.The proliferation of genetic tests has been greatly accelerated by the Human Genome Project over the last decade.[1] Meanwhile, practicing physicians and health professionals need to be trained in the principles, applications, and the limitations of genomics and genomic medicine.[2] Over 1,500 genetic tests are now available clinically, with nearly 300 more available on a research basis only.

The number of genetic tests is predicted to increase by 25% annually.

For example, a SNP may replace the nucleotide cytosine (C) with the nucleotide thymine (T) in a certain stretch of DNA.

[14]SNPs can also influence responses to pharmacotherapy and whether drugs will produce adverse reactions.

The development of new drugs can be made far cheaper and more rapid by selecting participants in drug trials based on their genetically determined response to drugs.

[15]Recent advances in molecular technologies have resulted in the ability to screen hundreds of thousands of SNPs and tens of thousands of gene expression profiles.

[6] A relatively short single-stranded nucleic-acid chain usually consisting of 2 to 20 nucleotides that is synthesized to match a region where a mutation is known to occur, and then used as a probe.