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The music was by Sarazino (Quito, Ecuador) joining with Toots and the Maytals from Jamaica. ) The song title is "People" and a common refrain is "Make love your religion." Be sure and check out the other pictures of Chisto's adventure to the top of the crane.

(HERE)The D7 3T (or the variant 4T and 6T) has always been one of my favorite machines.

manufactures, sells and distributes a diverse portfolio of shelf-stable foods and household products.

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They were not concerned that it did not fit their application, they "would make it work." (Addendum) In the recent dust-up in Georgia you might get a new perspective from Chris at Empire Burlesque and my old (hell, we're all getting older! Chisto is riding the boom atop a 300 foot crane and giving us a 360 view of the city.His choice of music was excellent and is a symbol of how the people of the world can share music and cultures from everywhere.Even when the utmost of care is taken, parts get miss-stocked and put into incorrect boxes, or a simple typo, changing a number, can throw things off. ) A Wabco and an Oil Filter searchable database are currently being worked on and will be added.We've taken a lot of care and pride in creating these databases but I am sure, out of the millions of entries made, that errors have occurred. If you have any additional data to contribute, please send the information to me. You can also expect to see a large selection of equipment specifications below.While I have been parting equipment out for over 3 decades, I can not help everyone with all of their needs but I can help by giving you, the aspiring Grimy Man, enough information to help yourself.

So take your time, search for alternatives, don't replace what can be repaired or rebuilt.With his help, an old #12 7T grader is now back at work and providing income for its owner.If you ever need professional assistance, with professional results, on exporting and importing to and from Mexico, be sure and call Tito Ingenuity with tractors transfers over to other areas as well.It is well balanced bulldozer and will do a heavy duty job without tearing itself up in the process.The pictures are from NE Mexico, the state of Tamaulipas.This D7 3T has been in the Zapata family for over 40 years.