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Forman is one of the most important directors of the Czechoslovak New Wave.

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After snapping out of his acid trip, Claude has a falling-out with Berger and the tribe members, ostensibly due to a practical joke they pull on Sheila (taking her clothes while she's skinny-dipping, which forces her to hail a cab in just her underwear), but also due to their philosophical differences over the war in Vietnam - and over personal versus communal responsibility. "), Claude finally reports to the draft board, completes his enlistment, and is shipped off to Nevada for basic training.

It's now Winter in New York when Claude writes to Sheila from Nevada ("Walking In Space").

Running Time: 100 minutes Country: Czech Republic Genre: Documentary Venue: Playhouse Theater [40 Main Street] Cast: Milo Forman, Petr Forman, F.

Murray Abraham, Jean-Claude Carrire, Michael Douglas, Louise Fletcher, Matěj Forman, Woody Harrelson, Natalie Portman, Annette Bening, Javier Bardem, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Saul Zaentz Showtime: Sunday, April 16, 2017 @ PM Director: Miloslav mdmajer Description: We celebrate the 85th birthday of one of the great directors of the world cinema, Milo Forman, with a film called Milos Forman: What doesn't kill you..., which looks into Milo Forman's private life and his professional career.

You will enjoy excerpts from his famous films, meet celebrities from the film world, experience Oscar night with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest..more.

The document originated during five years and was filmed in New York, Connecticut, Paris, Valencia, Madrid, Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.-----Milo Forman was born in 1932 into a teachers family in the small town of Caslav (Central Bohemian region). His father was a member of a resistance group against the Nazi occupation, and was arrested by the Gestapo when Milos was eight years old.The next morning, Berger finds a newspaper clipping which gives Sheila's address.The tribe members - La Fayette "Hud" Johnson, Jeannie Ryan, and "Woof Daschund" - crash a private party to introduce Claude to Sheila, who secretly enjoys the disruption of her rigid environment ("I Got Life").The film was directed by Miloš Forman (who received a César Award nomination for his work on the film) and adapted for the screen by Michael Weller (who would collaborate with Forman on a second picture, Ragtime, two years later).Cast members include Treat Williams, John Savage, Beverly D'Angelo, Don Dacus, Annie Golden, Dorsey Wright, Nell Carter, Cheryl Barnes, Richard Bright, Ellen Foley and Charlotte Rae.Forman was also nominated for a Best Director Oscar for The People vs. He has also won Golden Globe, Cannes, Berlinale, BAFTA, Cesar, David di Donatello, European Film Academy, and Czech Lion awards.