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Paired to a PC or MAC, it feeds your taps and touches via a low-latency Bluetooth connection to Roli’s proprietary Equator Player, which ships with over 100 sounds (from percussion to strings), six sound packs (including Vintage Electronic and Cinematica), and it’s easy to add to digital audio workstations, working equally well in environments like Cubase and FL Studio, as well as Abelton Live, Logic Pro, and Omnisphere.On mobile devices like the i Phone and i Pad, the Seaboard Block pairs with Roli’s Noise app, which packs loops, instruments, and other music creation tools.

The Massive Orchestra is a compilation of 100 presets for Native Instrument's Massive synthesizer.

We spent a few months tweaking these sounds and provide you with maximum flexibility.

For example, you can mimic instrument vibrato, such as the warbling of a violin as the player’s finger moves rapidly on the string, by creating a similar movement on the keys.

As mentioned, the Seaboard Block is highly customizable, too.

You can adjust the key sensitivity via a PC or an i OS app, and assign configurable filters to touchpads set into the keyboard’s top and bottom edges.

By default, swiping across the bottom modulates the pitch.

Later this month, though, that’ll change with the introduction of the Seaboard Block.

The Seaboard Block, which Roli announced on Thursday, is the smallest, lightest, and most compact Seaboard yet.

You can assign any one of the Noise app’s 128 virtual sounds and instruments to individual squares on the Lightpad, multiple columns, or the entirety of the controller’s light-up surface. The Lightpad Block retails for 0, and Roli’s other Blocks — including the Live Block, Loop Block, and the Touch Block — start at . But Roli argues that with Blocks, you get more bang for your buck than most MIDI systems — and that’s a fair point.

You only need a Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block to get started, and the other Blocks are optional — Roli’s Noise app lets you tweak every part of the experience.

As the first one in our Serum Series, Supernova focuses on atmospheres, pads and FX presets.