Swiss dating customs

NOTE: if not complying with the above, authorization from regional police departments must be obtained in advance. Firearms and ammunitions must be declared on arrival at all times.

For further information please refer to: Federal Office of Police, Central Office for Weapons, 3003 Berne, Switzerland.("Bundesamt fur Polizei, Zentralstelle Waffen (ZSW)". Fruits, plants, plant material and soil: restrictive measures.

Simultaneously imported parts/pieces of a whole (e.g. Objects exceeding the value of CHF 300.- are taxable in their entirety (even if imported in common by more than one person).Other passengers are assigned a limit of CHF 100.- Not for own use, only as gift for third person. Goods not included in free list as above (but excl.Firearms:firearms (up to 2 for hunting and up to 2 for sporting) may be imported without a permit if the passenger satisfactorily proves that they will be used in a sport contest or a hunting event.Ammunitions:if in circumstances as described above, the following ammunitions can be accepted: - 50 cartridges (for hunting); - 250 cartridges (per handgun); - 250 cartridges (per rifled sporting gun); - 500 cartridges (per smooth bore sporting gun).Exempt: baggage of transit passengers with a destination outside of Switzerland and baggage of passengers who embarked in an EU Member State .

The People The Swiss value cleanliness, honesty, hard work, and material possessions.

Wedding Switzerland is an experience with customs intact and provides an atmosphere charges with fun, music and entertainment.

A Swiss wedding is a medley of customs, new and old and entertainment, music, dance and songs.

A wedding Switzerland style consists of an afternoon church ceremony.

The atmosphere is replete with fun and frolic with amateur performances by the guests like skits, musical plays, instrumental music, poems, songs and gifts.

They are very proud of their neutrality and promotion of worldwide peace.