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The truth is we don’t know, but our instinct is that it’s real.

This time, it tried out its Google Translate Spanish: Whenever stories like this emerge we ask ourselves: is it real or could it be a hoax?

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You don’t have Google, You Tube, i Fixit, Wiki How or Stack Overflow.You’re on your own with some scissors and a roll of aluminium foil.They need to stop making coffee and sort out those awful passwords.If you don’t want to make your own posters, you can find some snazzy posters in the Sophos Anti-Ransomware toolkit (you’ll have to do a little data capture tap dance to get it).Cyber Aware is encouraging you to take time to update your software with the inducement of giving yourself 15 minutes away from your screen while your tech feeds and waters itself (a #techfree15 minutes, if you will). To be fair to them I guess #techfree For­Anything Up To­An Hour Maybe­Even Longer­It’s Hard To Say is a hard sell.

Just think what you can do with an extra 15 minutes. Cyber Aware suggest you spend your 15ish minutes doing sensible things like taking a walk in your local park, talking to other humans or having a 15 minute tech-free rest before bed. Don’t they know you’ve got other people’s computers to protect too? There’s no rest for the wicked and not having a computer is no excuse for giving up the cyberfight. If you work with Windows go and speak to somebody wearing a heavy metal t-shirt.

do, that should be as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth, making the first cup of coffee and correcting people who are wrong on Reddit, it’s this: Keep your software up to date.

There’s an army of criminal hackers out there using computer programs to scour the internet for devices with out of date software.

When they find a bug they’re looking for they can use it like a crowbar to prize open your electronic life.

They can steal your photos; spy on you through your camera; sniff out your banking password; exhaust your battery by mining cryptocoins; sell access to your Facebook account or wrap up all your stuff with encryption and demand a ransom.

If you don’t have a tinfoil hat already you clearly don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.