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It’s a fun, light hearted way to open up this conversation without a literal checklist.

7) Oh Joy Sex Toy.com’s Guide to Masturbating An 18 comic (because it’s explicit, but honestly, f-ck that noise) featuring people of all gender expressions and abilities are here to teach you about sexual pleasure. It’s a graphic, funny, how-to about turning yourself on and making yourself come.

Female sexual pleasure can be difficult to talk about thanks to societal taboos, general discomfort around the subject, and lack of knowledge.

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4) Laci Green’s Guide to Orgasm Laci Green is the sex ed teacher we all wished we had.

She’s factual and funny while still being always interesting with new topics and fresh takes on sex, gender, and feminism.

Most of the time, people don’t realize they’re stressed until something tiny sets them off.

One of the keys to staying calm is recognizing when you actually are stressed out. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed or like you can’t study those notes anymore or like your head is about to explode, first breathe.

When I heard that I needed to teach myself how to come before I could show a partner, the pressure I felt was insane!

You have to get real about the fact that no person is going to swoop into your life and grant you multiple orgasms. Having baggage about your lady parts being ugly, an attitude about masturbators being “desperate,” and the general shame and anxiety about maybe having to hide it from your parents will certainly get in the way of you achieving climax.What can be frustrating with partnered sex is being able to have an easy-breezy-nbd orgasm with masturbation, but as soon as you introduce a partner, it’s just… Suddenly there’s another person looking at your naked body, you’re being touched by someone who isn’t you, and it’s certainly harder to keep sex hidden from your parents than masturbating.Whatever the case, there are websites out there to help you get it on and get it right. Whether you’re partnered or solo, these sites are informative, fun, and at times, totally revolutionary. Large scale research about what makes women come: in the words of DJ Kahled’s snapchat, “bless up.” From the collected experiences of over 2,000 women all sharing their different techniques about what gets them off in partnership with Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute, this website offers up a new technology that gives you real time feedback on your technique until you’ve perfected it.However, if the majority of your sex life is partnered, good for you, too.Similarly to solo-sex, no one person is going to magically unlock your ability to come.It takes you all the way from being in the right state of mind to let go to actual techniques if you’re a newbie to touching yourself.