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Since they are outline fonts, they can be used in any software, with no problems relating to closing lines, overlapping paths etc.Author: Trammell Hudson Font name: Asteroids Line type: Single Comments: Based on Ed Logg's original handwritten notes for the Asteroids game.One true story illustrates this perfectly – a woman went on a first date with a great guy.During the movie previews, he was animatedly talking, which drove her nuts.Enough waffle - here's a list of the actual fonts I have.

Each link goes to a section further down the page which has more details, where to get it, and a sample image of the font.Used in the author's vectorscope clock and twitter oscilloscope.Availability: Source code and example available from the author's website.The same applies to routing, milling, water-jet cutting, and many other engraving/marking processes.I've come across loads of different fonts, all over the place, and reckoned it would be useful to have them all on one page for reference.Author mentions that a cutter will go over them twice. See Mec Soft which is similar (nearly identical) to San Serif but without the stray lines. Author: Unsure Font name: Orach Tech Demo**** Line type: Single.