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History preserves memory of these events, deals with the discovery of the past ones, collects and organizes them in a chronological fashion.

The 5As the result of the evolution of the science of history, different branches emerged with the purpose of thoroughly examining specific aspects of history such as religion, gender, military, environment, etc.

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See full summary » Men, most of them naked, talk about their penises. They take us through cruising and sex in public places, the drug scene, the bars and the baths, the birth of entertainment and dance clubs, and starry nights on Fire Island. For those unfamiliar with the topic, this documentary offers good information. The seclusion of such a location facilitates the character's blossoming and ...Watch Now The world’s last remaining rivers are in danger of disappearing along with the millions of lives and cultures that depend on them. Is it because we are able to show different emotions and express different feelings?Promoters of mega dams are calling their energy system ‘green’ and ‘clean’ but the reality is that land is being flooded, species are being threatened, and entire communities are being destroyed. Is it how we join religious groups and how we fight for the ideologies that we believe?Watch Now Lobsang Phuntsok is a Buddhist monk that received the honor of being trained under the guidance of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

The objective was in order for him to share Tibetan Buddhism with the West. He was Grandmaster White Crane Kung Fu who devised his own style for contact fighting.Joseph Lovett has assembled some period footage and photo stills to help depict his subject.But the film mostly consists of "talking heads": men in their 60s, sharing personal experiences on the atmosphere, attitudes and action from the 70s.While all this is now history, the 70s represents for many a time of liberation, experimentation, exploration and fulfillment.In the year 2015, almost 70 people committed suicide every day in Japan. See full summary » Situated within the confines of an upper-class international swimming institution in the UK's countryside.