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Anyone posessing the tokens on the outside would ge greeted with suspicion.The tokens have now been largely supplanted iwht more slphisicated bookkeeping systems.Today these items are quite scarce as few were saved.

It was later discovered that leprosy was not spread by money and the introduction of antibiotics made the leper colonies unnecessary.The leper colonies were closed in the 1950’s and the tokens redeemed.In 1966 the mines were nationalized and regular production has now almost completely ceased.Corporations used to issue attractive, beautifully engraved stock and bond certificates. Certificates are rarely issued and some brokerage houses charge hundreds of dollars should you request one.Gold mining started in Kilo about 1905 and in Moto about 1911. In the 1950's it was one of the largest gold mines in Africa, employing some 19,000 locals.

The company was formed in 1926, taking over the mining in both areas. After Congo's independence in 1960 output declined severely.

the name was later shortened to Ynysybwl Co-op Society, Ltd.

The society provided a wide range of goods and services to members, including groceries, household goods, hardware, travel agency cafeteria, building, painting and decorating services, ladies hairdressing, toys, TV and radio repairs, footwear, optical services, funeral services, sports and educational classes, though today the range of those services has been greatly reduced.

An almud is a basket of coffee berries weighing about 8.3 pounds (3.8kg.). The brass token shows no wear, though has some spots.

It has the same design on both sides featuring the name and location of the hacienda and the denomination.

All are genuine issued and cancelled certificates in nice condition. Every lot is different, though there may be some duplication between lots.