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There are many people infected with the disease in the world and most of them do not know even know it.Some couples have lived together for years without infecting each other.

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We are going to look at how the disease can be transmitted between dating couples.We are also going to see how people who are dating with herpes can prevent transmission between themselves.Signs around the city proclaim “27 miles of scenic beauty” which refer to the 27-mile length of Malibu prior to the city incorporating in 1991.The Pacific Coast Highway (aka: PCH or State Route 1) cuts through Malibu, generally parallel to the coastline, with most residents living within a quarter of a mile to the road.For a man, the condom should be put on the penis before it touches the partner's genital skin.

A female condom is usually recommended as it covers a larger area.What these drugs do is just to suppress the virus and prevent it from multiplying.Even if you are taking these drugs you can still infect your partner. Use condoms – If you are dating you can still have sex but there should not be any sexual contact.The virus becomes dormant most of the times but can constantly be reactivated.Causes It is caused by two types of herpes simplex viruses: HSV-1 (Herpes Type 1) and HSV-2 (Herpes Type 2).Oral Sex – Oral sex transfers herpes in several ways.