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The epic new show has been described by IMDb as a world 'where consciousness is digitized and stored in cortical stacks implanted in the spine, allowing humans to survive physical death by having their memories and consciousness "re-sleeved" into new bodies.'The mega wealthy humans of this universe have the ability to continually upgrade their bodies and essentially become immortal.

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She had been responsible for the administration's outreach to the African-American community.

Manigault blew up at Chief of Staff John Kelly after she was told that her husband no longer had clearance to attend the White House staff Christmas party, Daily has learned exclusively.

The film, titled Soul Sistahs, casts Omarosa as a James Bond-like action hero who is abducted and sent on a mission by a bizarre old lady in a spaceship.

An aging villainess in a spacecraft is out of money and seeks to get rich quick by abducting someone who appeared on The Apprentice so that they could steal a piece of Donald Trump’s hair.

The two did not part ways on good terms, but the trigger for Manigault flying into a rage against Kelly was learning that her husband John Allen Newman could no longer attend the holiday bash.

The former Apprentice star demanded to know if President Trump was aware of the decision, before she marched off towards his residence, where she once had been relatively free to come and go. Omarosa Manigault Newman may have been fired from her White House job, but at least she could fall back on a budding acting career.Just days after it was reported that the former Apprentice star had to be physically removed from the White House, a 10-minute You Tube clip from 2006 shows her in a weird, extremely low-budget sci-fi mini-film.If a sexual encounter occurs where the consent of one or more of the parties is coerced via a fictional plot device such as Mind Control, shapeshifter impersonation, a Love Potion or aliens, it is often treated much less seriously than if it were something classified as rape in real-life like a date rape drug or straight-up brainwashing.In many cases, it isn't even acknowledged as any kind of violation or morally dubious action, and only the audience (and not necessarily all of them) notices something wrong.Trump’s armed bodyguards try in vain to stop her, but Omarosa proves too slick in escaping.