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These tantalizing results spurred detailed sampling from bottom to top of flows that straddled these directional gaps.

Some scientists will accept the view as given by the authors [Coe et al.]. .” However, Merrill and all his uniformitarian colleagues failed to consider his own stated alternative—that there is “something fundamentally wrong with the conventional wisdom of the day” on the origin and history of the earth’s magnetic field. Because they would have to abandon their dynamo theory and its millions of years timescale!Others, I suspect, will choose to believe the rock record is still inaccurate . Even before Coe, Prévot, and their colleagues announced their discoveries, a viable alternative model for both the origin of the geomagnetic field and the rapid field polarity reversals that fits all the data had been proposed and published.For almost three decades the paleomagnetic record of extraordinarily rapid polarity reversals of the earth’s magnetic field in basalt lava flows at Steens Mountain in southern Oregon has stood as a challenge to the conventional millions-of-years geodynamo model.It has also been a severe embarrassment, because it is consistent with predictions of rapid polarity reversals of the earth’s magnetic field during the Flood according to the young-earth freely-decaying electric currents model for the generation of the geomagnetic field.Within this detailed record were three gaps of approximately 90° between one directional group and the next.

These gaps were thought possibly to represent interludes in volcanic activity, but the absence of evidence of any hiatus between successive flows either side of the gaps suggested instead that the geomagnetic field may have changed very rapidly at these times.

When accelerated radioactive decay is factored in, the timeframe for this reversal is reduced to just months, further stunning evidence consistent with the young-earth model for the earth’s magnetic field and rapid reversals during the Flood and its aftermath on a young earth.

Keywords: earth’s magnetic field, paleomagnetic field directions, basalt lava flows, Steens Mountain, Oregon, rapid geomagnetic polarity reversals, geodynamo, young-earth freely decaying electric currents model, Sulmona Basin, Italy, calcareous muds, tephra layers, post-Flood Ice Age, Ar-Ar dating, sanidine, accelerated radioactive decay.

(a and b) Variations in the paleomagnetic field direction during the reversal in the sequence of numbered lava flows on Steens Mountain.1 Three large gaps are denoted by thick black arrows.

Each point represents the average paleomagnetic field direction of a group of superposed lava flows, solid and open circles indicating downward and upward inclination respectively.3 (c) Variation in the paleomagnetic field direction of flow B51 samples as a function of position.4 Shown as well are the mean directions of the underlying flow B52 and the overlying flow B50.

Thus there has been a recent attempt to re-measure the paleomagnetic record in the Steens Mountain basalts using a new untried method, but the results and their re-interpretation are far from convincing.