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The tanned look on his face due to the day’s activity made him look breathtakingly hot. They went out to take a look at the sunset by the beach.He kept ruffling his hair each time he went out of control during the conversation looking at her. No other woman had made him feel so aroused or wanted. He wished he never were to remove that from his cheek. Pritish offered her a glass of wine while he sat with a beer can. The crimson sky with slightly cool breeze, typical of the tropical evening climate made them ease out a bit.

The man who was always on the covers of the industrial news and also managed to make it on Page 3 had actually agreed to marry a young Psychiatrist like Leona Gupta. She looked superbly sexy in that outfit which revealed her curves and her entire figure which Pritish had seen for the first time. Pritish was a handsome man with closely cropped, light brown hair, bushy eyebrows and strong sharp features usually sporting a calm smile.He was 5’9’’ and Leona came exactly till his shoulder.Soon, war broke out and he was being sent overseas for a year.The week before he left, the man knelt on his knee and asked his lady love, “Will you marry me?He was staring at her as he stood at the entrance of the Villa having an official conversation.

For a doctor, Leona was too conscious about looks and knew how to dress perfectly according to situations.She was wearing a navy blue night gown with lace work done on the sleeves with a deep neck line, only to reveal the rise of her beautiful bosoms. Pritish has given me enough time when we were dating. He was getting ready when he saw his beauty walk up to him. “It looks exquisitely amazing Pritish,” Leona chirped out loudly. Pritish was opiated by his work yet he made sure he arranged this trip.It had thin straps to hold on to her body and was perfect enough to make her look sexy even at this hour of the night. I need time to know him too.” She wasn’t sure if it was going to work out between them but there was a ray of hope. “I just wish I could hold her tight in my arms right now,” Pritish thought. He wanted to make Leona feel comfortable with him in every way. Cool blue water, exotic tropical flowers around, a private villa, a private bar, sapphire lagoons, breathtakingly picturesque surroundings and a beautiful couple like Pritish and Leona. Pritish wanted to take Leona for some outdoor water sport as she loved it.A sumptuous meal and an exhausting day made them lazy.Leona lay on the hammock wearing a white linen halter top that had been tied in a single knot at the back of her neck and a blue abstract printed straight cut skirt that reached till her knee. So the young man decided not only to court the girl but to court her parents as well.