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Black: The Birth of Evil is a novel written by author Ted Dekker.It is the first book in the Circle Series, and is a part of the Books of History Chronicles.lildonkeyblues (57), blog_gal (52), kdf_333 (49), weber93 (44), Shadow494 (42), BBCLibrary Portage (41), baldincali (40), SMBCLibrary (39), toddwifey (38), Nampa First (38), jefferyathorne (37), Can Fam HS (36), Nate G (36), gnomereads (36) — more Verkruissen (1), kcpoet (1), Maatjedupreez (6), Ellen HSwiger (2), Ger_Huijbens (1), Drea Braddock (3), Stepp Library (2), A-JCHS (1), Rich_B (1), merylj82 (1)Members: blessedmommy6710, Nolan Bradford, evannickel, Anita Unmuted, flicka82, Ames Cash, Lizzsmall13, Barefoot_Books, Amanda JPigford, jac565, Raven_Alexandria, eagleheidi, ssimon2000, Barb_H, LRitte, thebookewyrmm, jennifer_roo_22, msakma, Sharon Gerlach, clbouffo , Thomas.

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Unknown to Seth, Miriam is a The future changes in the BLINK of an eye..does it? For starters, he has one of the world's highest IQs.

Unknown to Seth, Miriam is a Saudi Arabian princess who has fled her veiled existence to escape a forced marriage of unimaginable consequences.

The page-turning plot follows a Saudi Arabian princess fleeing a wretched forced marriage for the promised land of America.

A brilliant American graduate student discovers a mysterious power-giving him glimpses into the future.

Elyon represents God ("Elyon" is one of the various names of God), Teeleh represents Satan, the Shataiki represent Demons, the Roush represent Angels (particularly Michael and Gabriel), and the character Tanis represents Adam. The title, "Black", refers to the color of the Shataiki and the "Black Forest", in contrast to the luminescent colored forest, but more importantly black is the color commonly associated with sinners' hearts in the Christian tradition, and of the world before Jesus Christ came to heal the curse of Adam.

As part of a promotional campaign called "Share the Love" in which participants would preorder three or more copies of Dekker's then-newest book, The Priest's Graveyard, he offered various incentives.

According to, Ted Dekker has writing credits to a movie version of Black for 2016 release.

This book is about a man named Thomas Hunter in Denver, Colorado, 2010, who, after being knocked unconscious from a bullet wound to the head, wakes up to find himself in a strange world full of black, twisted trees.

Outside of the Black Forest is the Colored Forest, a paradise inhabited by a civilization of immortal-yet innocent-human beings who are watched over by Elyon, a God-like being, along with white, bat-like Roush, who are opposites of the Shataiki and act as servants of Elyon.

Thomas eventually finds out that this other world is our own thousands of years in the future, and that a virus, mutated from the Raison vaccine, would wipe out his present-day Earth later that year.

Cultures collide as they're thrown together and forced to run from an unstoppable force determined to kidnap or kill Miriam.