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100 and two plain turbans worth Rs, 30 each, one gold cloth or stla worth Rs.

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1000, wi U hive for every-day wear two turbans together worth Rs. The shoes will either be the same as on workdays or ik j^Udn pair costing Rs. Malik : Sunni Imim, 125 note 2, 1S6, Ambar ; of Ahuiednigar, his epithet, schools, 126 M*i.li;3; Raipdt converts, 66 ; the name coined by Mnsalmiu governors, 25 ; conversion of, by Mahmtid Ghaxni (1025). MALi E-u T-TDJJiia ; chief of ibe mervbants; titio, 3 note 1. HABEi BCsis : Siadb niler of the Somnw dynasty, convrtedtolslim by Eiisnf-nd-dln, GO and note 3, Mabrtaoh : ages of boys and girts in ; betro- thals, 162; fore-observances in, 163-184; bari or i&rhak and jahti presc Dta in, pro- I ,, 166; ceremony in, IW; liier- . ll ASuii KH: gm'.e at Mulln, il'i, Keliginus guide ot M omnia, bit Unnlial Ali Dicdib&d, 76not«2. Huuj Ilchi : ligbt-Uiarer, 96- MAini UDis: cbief Sajadfamily in GDJ«Tit,6 note I (5). believed to be tbe derivnlian of the lutme Moleia Um, 68. Tlic Upper Indm Valley followers of Hn Higbnca» the Agba. Uv Uii.li* " " " couven'iiin of Sindh Lic hiitli&n. h'l PXni B : soldiers, of mixed origin, p^ly immigrants and partly Bajpdt converts, mostly husbandmen, b'nuni in religion, 83 • 84 ; name coined by Musalmdn governors for Rajput and other converts, 25.

'A peasant Bohora in easy circumstances, with say a yearly income of Rs. Makkah : Sunni plaice of pilgrimage, 30 ^ 47 ; • SU; 126i 171; t«inpleat,raiitiired by &adn Wabhibi [lti U3), l Suoto3. Maeb Xnib : foreigners from the Malinkn coast, watchful huehaude, i Minius by faithj Id. Mala Bi(b: coast of, Arabs on, 1 note I, Maiakbhau; (1070- 10U3), Saljnkl Emperor, 37, Uaix^olu : Sir John. Ui Li B : gardeners, coaverti from the Hiodn caste of the same name, 88. hia etsni Kt dimn&tion, ii Z- 113, t'eo Magic and Ht Lr UU Mart : Virgin, 127, JHUllult: onlera frdin Laiv, 134 ncte 1. follow Hindu c DHtamn, form adiatinctbody , Q7-(i S' Havlai lo.d ftud i QMtcr. o E a apiritaa.1 guide, 131; as a carer of diseaaei ; raniu Dur^lion nf, tor several dntiea, 136 j aometinie B a Hi Bi or re[uater of the Kniilan by heart, 184 ; reprcaentati Tca of the grwit pna-^hers of ilio ' flftenoth and aliteenib oentnrii'ii, 133 nolo 2. U1II9: pro|ierly Uulmln* or Itellev En; Hindu convert, from Lohinia and Kichh Ua- gub. ee Mij o- ' Ua* : le F first day is the Kamdz&n fd holiday, 141. b'f Dis : Musalmdns of special community of part foreign descent, also called Habashis, origin, divisions, language, character of, 11 ; special form of worship among, dance of, men of position and power among, rulers, 12, Zan^ira, arrival and settlement at t:iurat of. ki No AN : probably in Kachh, 1 note 1 ; mosques at, 2 note 1. nus Hl H : probably Nur batdgur, shrine of, at Navsdri, 66. Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. STANFORDUNIVERSr LIBRARIES ■ STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES VERSITY LIBf? V, 110440 • • • • • • • • • * • • ( « « • • Iakwinia, 65; Moliks; Matia I^anbia, 60; Mokaa Ume ; Vannara, 08 ; R^tbor H ; Saniiis ; Sbaik Ld As, 69 ; Solankia ; Sumrna ; Taaka, 70. ARIES ■ STANFORD UNIVERSITY IBRARIES - STANFORD L)(\J IVERSITY LIBRARIES ■ STA i TANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES * STANFORD UNIV -Y LIBRARIES . 4 ^ ^ * -^ UNDER GOVERNMENT ORDURS^ _^ ■•■• • •- BOMBAY: PRINTED AT TUE GOVERNMENT CENTRAL PRESS. STANFORD UNIVERSITY ARIES ■ STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES ' S IBRARIES STANFORD university UBRfc R^ 1 I GAZETTEER OK THB BOMBAY PRESIDENCY VOLUME IX.