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Historians believed, as did almost all colonialists, that Africans would have destroyed themselves if they had been left to themselves.

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The third key principle of the standard interpretation is the idea that historically Africans lived in isolated, self-contained and distinctive “tribes”.This implies that contact and relationships between Social Darwinism different societies, language groups and regions were is a pseudoscientific unimportant.The standard interpretation also pointed to a lack of industrialisation as proof of African backwardness.The West came to be seen as dynamic and the non-West as changeless, static and primitive.After 1994 politicians, historians, educators and parents were included in the debate about the content of history and especially South African history in the school curriculum. Is there any relationship between politics, social values and history?

Does it make any difference which history textbook is prescribed for school use?

Before the “wind of change” swept through the African continent during the 1960s, the history books which were used in schools, colleges and universities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa told the story of Africa from the point of view of the European colonialists and missionaries.

Winds of Change This phrase comes from a speech made by British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, when he visited South Africa in February 1960.

The wind of change is blowing through this continent.”In the decade that followed, many African colonies gained their independence.

The coming of independence from European colonial rule was an important watershed in the way that historians looked at Africa.

The first is the belief that Africa was characterised by savagery and chaos before Europeans arrived.