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Whether you're looking to go out and do some 3d huckin' or lay down a smooth-as-butter precision flight, the 93" Laser 230z is for you!

The wings have been thoroughly refined to allow precision flying, while not sacrificing any 3d characteristics.

“Boating / Boating Safety” also features a couple of people who have eastern NC accents.

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Downloading the whole broadcast will take a long time, but you don't have to finish the download of an mp3 file before you start listening.

By using the method I'm about to explain, you can start after only a minute or two, and yet still store a complete copy of the broadcast on your disk. To begin the download of an audio file in Windows, right-click the audio link, and select 'Save link as' (put the file in a location where you can easily find it).

Here's an example of an English-language site that provides both of these features: VOA Feature in Special English on New Orleans jazz: English is grammatically correct, but the vocabulary has been restricted as much as possible to a basic vocabulary of 1500 words (with some more difficult ones added for the particular topic).

Also the words are spoken at a speed that's about two-thirds the speed of standard English.

The BBC website has links to BBC news in lots of languages, both written and spoken.

They have a quite good Polish section, for example. Stefaniel P Spaniel, I didn't explore the music on the German surf music website, but I did notice some surf music playing at some point.

It's centered in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Research Reserve in eastern North Carolina: recommend “Albemarle Pamlico NEP” because the host has a moderate accent, typical of what I frequently heard when I was in college in NC, and the expert (the second man to speak) has a more pronounced, eastern NC accent.

In about the last 3 minutes of the program, one of the male students demonstrates the use of “y’all” several times, as well as the possessive, “y’all’s”.

Mounting options designed right into the airframe make it a snap to setup with pull-pull or push-pull rudder configurations.

Stand-offs perfect for the DA-70, a gas fuel tank and even a bag of extra hardware are all included.

Persons who have trouble understanding the spoken language may wish to try sites that provide written scripts along with the audio.