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Why does the press always conflate convenience and promiscuity?

See also limerence defense mechanism and mutually assured attraction.

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A party that turns silent, with everyone staring deeply into his phone, because one person suggested uninitiated singles join Tinder.

When the instinctive and instantaneous left-swiping of your ex regrettably prevents you from seeing what her stupid tagline says or which stupid photos she chose to show off her stupid new haircut.

To reject an otherwise normal person because your mutual Facebook friend, that guy Brad who works with your brother, is too loud and wears cartoon-character ties.

The more time you spend on Tinder, the more matches you’ll get, the more dates you can arrange, the higher the chances you’ll find someone else in the world who gives a shit about you. When Tinder’s buggy code causes that wrinkled lady in the purple fedora you left-swiped a few minutes earlier to slide sideways across your screen and then vanish.

Players who suggest lying about “where we met” in their taglines.

A mistaken left-swipe that occurs because the player is Tindering out at top speed and has lost focus.

Too much time has passed for starting a conversation now to seem natural, but you keep him on your match list to track how he alters his profile to emphasize his finance job and minimize his greasiness.

A mistaken swipe that occurs because you have fat thumbs and no hand-eye coordination.

When two players agree on a date, time and location for a drink or a meal IRL but then someone ignores a confirmation text or both parties simply forget to follow up and the date passes and nothing happens.

Occurs more frequently on Tinder than on other sites, frustrating older users who are not accustomed to the millennial habit of making multiple plans and choosing the best option at the last minute. First of all, reports of Grindr being only for no-strings-attached sex are overblown.

Often associated with persistent delusions that the erroneously rejected player would have been an ideal spouse. See block) When you text your mutual Facebook friend Jenny a screenshot of a player’s calling card and she admits she’s heard he really likes to pee in girls’ mouths.