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Fans of the product can be relied upon to take up the same call. Take-Two wants to frame a decision by Australian retailers (to take the game off their shelves) as an issue of consumer rights and free speech.It wants you to be mad at the gall of the petition that questions GTA 5's portrayal of the brutal murder of sex workers.I ended up watching this trilogy in reverse, as I came across Brotherhood on a plane, which I enjoyed, and ended up working backwards.

Here is a game made by a company largely run by privileged, well-educated, wealthy people, and it mostly profits from portrayals of people who are none of those things.Take-Two wants you to believe that the game has a soul akin to the movies it so desperately apes. The world demands such things, just as it demands silly musical theater and sexy novels about bondage and movies about magical teenagers.Will air: Sunday the 2nd of October on HBO, TBC October on Sky Atlantic in the UK.This isn't child's play]it's just another day in the inner city, where teenage growing pains can often lead to suicide, pregnancy and hot-blooded murder.But thats also what makes this film work harder than the others, as it's all rough, they are all lowlife kids with no future, but that gives it that documentary feel, and in the end more believable.

They were brought up in a rough "hood' and turned out rough.

The film follows 15-year-old Trife, a boy trapped between the world of his school friends, the girl he loves and the draw of his powerful and dangerous uncle.

When classes are suspended after a bullied schoolgirl hangs herself rather than face another day of torment, Trife and his crew take to the streets where sex and drugs are a way of life and violence lurks behind every corner.

The doctrine of "if you don't like it, just don't buy it" is a useful defense for cynical purveyors of shoddy products.

They would prefer that you move along and keep your opinions to yourself.

Take-Two and publishing sub-brand Rockstar want to be able to say whatever they like about whomever they like, without consequence.