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electric locomotives of the Victorian Railways, were made by English Electric, and imported in the early 1950s as part of the rejuvination of the railways.The L class electric locomotives were for use on the line to the Latrobe Valley as far as Traralgon, some 80 miles from Melbourne.

Jigs for machining blank castings can be borrowed from the Secretary (when available), or Secretary can machine blanks for anyone wanting it done..

Get to know how your Ariel started out from the factory by obtaining a dating certificate from Draganfly UK for £14.95 (10% less if sent as an attachment to an email for you to print out).

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The dating certificate will provide the original configuration information, plus dispatch details (where the bike was first sent). Members wishing to place a notice or advertise through the AAR should contact the Secretary for placing avertisements/notices on the AAR web or the Editor for placing advertisments/notices in the Horse's magazine.

If your bike is not in the factory engine and frame configuration, the dating certificate will clarify original numbers for you. Draganfly order number for dating certificates is DAT92: email is [email protected] Click here to view the Honour Board of past Committee members. by completing a membership application form (obtainable by selecting the Membership menu button and then download the application form) and sending it to the Secretary at 180 Kosciuszko Ave, Palmerston ACT 2913. Media enquiries Media enquiries can be directed to the National Office on 02 6162 9307 or by email here.A list of local state and territory media contact details available here.The wagons were unloaded on the 'tippler' which turned them almost upside down.A natural gas fired power station has replaced the old Newport power station; the latter was originally built for the electrification of Melbourne's electric suburban train system. The L class, each weighing more 97 tons, it was boasted, being of 2,400 horsepower, could almost silently, pull a loaded 1,100 ton goods train up the steepest grade, and work 400 ton passenger trains at 75 miles per hour.Please do not contact any Committee members offering business services as you will not receive any response. If you have any spare Ariel motorcycle parts, you may be able to help A.