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Within minutes, when inquiries began to come in about the missing bust, Zeke reviewed videos and wire photos, and tried to find a member of the White House staff who could answer whether the bust had been moved.He found an aide who went into the office to check and texted Zeke at p.m. Two minutes later Zeke emailed a correction to a large list of White House reporters."Whether it is on the street, or online, it is illegal and we will continue to investigate and arrest those involved in prostitution." The charges range from prostitution to illegal drugs, aiding and abetting, assault on an officer, failure to register as a sex offender, and escape.

The justice system miserably failed Daniel and his family." This footage was critical in the trial, and was released hours after the verdict.In it, you see Shaver on his knees, begging cops not to shoot him.Zeke was in the Oval Office on Friday night as part of the press pool on hand to document one of President Trump’s first official acts.He wrote a brief report, naming the aides who were there and noting that a bust of Winston Churchill was present in a new spot.The judge did not allow that to be entered as evidence, saying it was too prejudicial.

"Let the word go forward, this is not our last operation, because we like it." GALLERY: All 78 suspects (story continues below) Charges: Solicit Prostitution – Sexual intercourse; Battery on a LEO (touched the UC) Summary: Married – Employed by Sears at the Lakeland Mall as a mechanic; receives government assistance (food stamps) The arrestees varied in occupation, and some -- like a retired American Airlines pilot and an information technology manager out of Lakeland -- had reputable jobs.

On the evening of January 20, TIME White House correspondent Zeke Miller incorrectly reported that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. During further conversations over the weekend, he asked a White House advisor to pass along his apology to the president as well.

In the hours that followed, he sent multiple emails and tweets taking responsibility for his mistake, and apologized in person, on email and on Twitter.

After struggling to follow some of Brailsford's directions ...

he starts crawling toward the officers as commanded.

"We seemed to have every thug and reprobate in central Florida under arrest," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WFTV.