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Jonah Richard Lehrer (born June 25, 1981) is an American author.

indicating the systematic cancellation of Lehrer's many scheduled speaking engagements, including addresses to the Holmes Report’s Global Public Relations Summit and Iowa State University's College of Engineering, a ticketed book signing at the Aliso Creek Inn in Laguna Beach, California, and an appearance as a part of the Robert Simpson Charles Lectureship in Ethics at Earlham College.

In The New Republic, Isaac Chotiner gave a mostly negative review to Imagine in June 2012.

On June 19, 2012, Joe Coscarelli of New York magazine and Josh Levin of Slate reported that five posts by Lehrer on The New Yorker blog had reused significant, identical portions of his own work without acknowledging having done so, referring to the practice as "self-plagiarism".

All five of The New Yorker blog posts now appear on the magazine's website with editor's notes listing where Lehrer had previously published related sentences, a list that included The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Wired, and The Guardian.

The seriousness of the disclosures then further escalated. Moynihan reported in Tablet Magazine that Lehrer had fabricated quotes attributed to singer Bob Dylan in his book Imagine, Moynihan noted later that the quotations immediately sounded phony to him when he read the book: they "sounded like a Dylan self-help book", leading him to seek clarification from Lehrer and Dylan's manager. Notorious Offenders", Janet Cooke, Stephen Glass, and Jayson Blair.

At a Moth storytelling event, Jonah Lehrer explained what had happened: “I’d been a lifelong Dylan fan and was familiar with approximate versions of what he’d said, so I put in those approximations to make it sound better, as if I’d actually done my homework. This section needs expansion with: further details—on investigation leading to the recall, the publisher's statement at the recall, and media reporting of it and its reverberations—on this critical event.

He appears on one published paper from that laboratory, as fourth of eight authors on a primary report in a three-laboratory collaborative genetics study characterizing homologs of the human DYRK1A gene from model organism C.

elegans, a gene believed to "play a significant role in the neuropathology of Down syndrome".

Imagine and Lehrer's earlier book How We Decide (2009) were recalled after a publisher's internal review found significant problems in that material. In 2016, Lehrer published A Book About Love, to negative reviews.

While an undergraduate, he worked in the laboratory of Eric Kandel, "examining the biological process of memory and what happens in the brain on a molecular level when a person remembers or forgets information".

Lehrer is the author of three best-selling books: Proust Was a Neuroscientist (2007), How We Decide (2009), and Imagine: How Creativity Works (2012).