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So if you’re to sext, which you are, you might as well do it safely.Leaving aside the potential moral/legal/etiquette problems with sexting, of which there are admittedly many, digital nudes suffer two main privacy problems.There was nothing in the photo to suggest it belonged to Weiner.

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Many attempts have, famously, been made at the former.

Snapchat, the app that makes photos “self-destruct” after a few seconds, was a popular haven for sexters before someone discovered that screenshots could be taken secretly, without notifying the sender.

the new space has the most light i’ve had since arriving here. i stopped looking when my journey here was so thwarted.

meaning, i might actually consider looking at myself again. when a compassionate and encouraging audience stops looking then the reason for posting fades.

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and you can’t possible know me from what i write and share here i am way too much much more. patient, loyal, and not fleeting works this is about a person.

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Repeat after me: If you can’t prevent people from spreading your nudes, the next-best thing you can do is prevent them from ever knowing said nudes belong to you. Start with the obvious: Never include your face in the photo. Cover or omit distinguishing features, like birthmarks and tattoos.

From there, you need to anonymize the photo file itself.

Cover Me — a more complicated, more adult, and more secure play on the same concept — suffers from similar problems.