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Yet, either they or the families kept it secret in order to maintain the fathers job security.

This story is based on a similar event in Nigeria around 1980.I was not present at this retreat but had worked in the area and personally knew some of the African men involved along with the Hart family that fell victim to this bizarre event. Hart, a close friend, and his second oldest daughter confessed to me just what really happened during that retreat.Using my literary license I wanted to share this story due to its revealing aspects of African lust.The descriptive nature of my relaying this event may be appalling to some readers while being interesting and titillating to those who have experienced interracial sex.Many white girls were fed a black cock after school hours or had their legs split by African cock in a secluded area of the school grounds.

Some were submitted to tutoring after school at their teachers home then escorted back to their own home late at night.early in the morning.Due to my expertise and reputation, my services were courted by a number of wealthy and ruling African leaders.I witnessed many things during my tenure there because I had access to places that almost no white man was allowed to see.He ruled strictly but kept favor with other African power brokers and tribal leaders by supplying them with sexual favors.The most prized were white ex-pats wives and daughters who were either blackmailed into submission or taken by force.Many wives, daughter and yes, even sons were seduced by the domestics that they hired to work in their homes.