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Not looking for someone who is only interested in getting a piece of tail but wants to connect on an emotion, physical, and...Hey don't do to well talking about myself but here it goes.It became one of the highest-selling albums in Australian history, with over four million copies sold worldwide and all five of its singles—"Born to Try", "Lost Without You", "Innocent Eyes", "Not Me, Not I" and "Predictable—reaching number one on the ARIA Singles Chart and the first three reaching the top ten in the UK Single Chart.

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I am a push over for a good foot and shoulder massage. OK, I'M A WIDOW, HAVE BEEN FOR 3 YEARS, WAS MARRIED FOR 30 YEARS.i HAVE NOT HAD SEX IN 18 YEARS, MY HUSBAND WAS VERY ILL FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS OF OUR MARRIAGE.She was alsowelcomed by a great aunt Karen Aaron, secondcousins Cody and Josh Aaron, and cousins Bobbie Magarand Taylor Anderson. Her maternal grandparents are Howard and Kay Easter, and herpaternal grandparents are Jerry and Pat Prescher. You will need to go to thehospital and get surgery. MACKENZIE KAYLINPRESCHERJimmy and Lisa Prescher of Burleson welcomed their daughter, Mackenzie Kaylin, on Nov. She was bom at Harris Southwest in Fort Worth at a.m. Hergreatgrandparentsare Bill and Ethel Smith, Elsie Nann, Lottie Gage, and Cecil and Thelma Walker. The newborn weighed 8 pounds,14 ounces, and was 21 -inches long atbirth. They areboth graduates of Burleson High School who transferred from Texas Wesleyan. Lisa Prescher is a graduate of Crowley High School, and Jimmy Prescher is agraduateof Eastern Hills High School. Bradley was welcomed by hisbig brother, Christopher; his grand-parents, Gilbert and Leta Louder-milk and Axel and Margaret Olson;and his great-grandparent, Zadic Terry.' I'd rather play with my dog.. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1I'd rather play with my dog andride my bike. I would play with myfriends and have a good time insteadof taking drags. Some people don't realize that dragsare bad for them. They have problems with theirfamily, they lostalovedone.orthey'rckicked outof their house by their par-ents. Maybe they havefriends who take drags or even theirparents take drags. I'll say itright now, dragsaren't a little deal, they're a very bigdeal and don't forget that. LAUREN GLENNHonorable Mention Why I choose to be drag free—because I want to be healthy, smart,and do good in school and because Idon't want to die soon.

BRADLEY DAVID OLSONDavid and Debbie Olson of Bur-leson are proudly announcing the birthof their son, Bradley David Olson. Three Taylor third graders took the top honors in the recent Drug Free Essay Contest. The beer commercials look likethey're having a good time but they'rehurting themselves worse and worseevery time they take it. My grandpa takes tobacco andhas had four heart attacks. Never do drags or sell drugs or buystuff that looks like drags. Think of someonemaybe dying in the emergency roomjust because you drove drank and hada wreck. What I'm trying to write is thatdrags are dangerous. I likeeveryone and I'd hate to see you withdrags. You couldlose your family, your chance for asuccessful future, and maybe evenyour life. I also do not want to dodrags because I want to be a pro foot-ball player for the Dallas Cowboysand if I take drags Jimmy Johnsonwill fire me. If you take too manydrugs you will have an overdose. CASEY GRAVESHonorable Mention Drags can hurt you very badly. I'm smart I don't take drugs ordrink alcohol. Sometimes when people usedrugs, they steal from their own fa-milies. People care aboutthem and try to help them, but some-times people on drags are so sicktheir families are helpless and giveup. I do not want to do drugs because I could die young and I do not want todie young. If my brother was eat-ing medicine I would tell my mom ordad or whoever was watching me. I WILL NOT SEND DIRTY PICS OF MYSELF, I WILL NOT CALL YOU AND TALK DIRTY TO YOU WHILE YOU GET YOUR ROCKS OFF.I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED, WOULD NOT GIVE UP MY INDEPENDENCE,...Her great grandparents are Vera Anderson and Lorene Stuck. If you are not sick and you takethe medicine you will get sick.