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Mumbai, India's City of Dreams, has always walked a fine line between hope and despair.Time and again, the home of Bollywood has overcome tragedy, with recent deadly bomb blasts, flooding and riots giving rise to the adage "The Sprit of Mumbai".However, the attacks have left a lasting impact on the face of Mumbai.

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As part of the police reform plan, Dhanushyakodi Sivanandan, the Mumbai police commissioner in the aftermath of the attacks, even announced that a training programme was under way for the wives of officers, to teach them how to cook "a proper diet for their husbands", to keep the force "fit and healthy".

There are now organised police yoga sessions to "relieve stress" and regular medical check-ups.

Rakesh Maria, the head of the Anti Terrorist Squad for Maharashtra state who was in charge of police operations on the night of 26/11, recently told The Telegraph the force is now far better prepared to face any future attack, with a "new mindset to improve mental toughness".

"We have a dedicated group of units, who are trained for such situations … Patil, insisted this week that Mumbai was safe from any future such attacks.

The bullet holes are plastered over – apart from where they have been kept as a tourist gimmick – and the five star hotels were quick to replace the shattered glass and throw open their doors again.

The lone surviving gunman, Ajmal Amir Kasab was hanged last November and, in the past year, bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have finally started to improve.

) horror stories sometimes make us seem like a post -relationship society.

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This new type of terror tactic generally targets densely populated urban areas, often landmark sites such as hotels, where a siege situation can be established to create maximum media coverage – and casualties.

Rather than a complicated bomb attack, a small group of men armed with machine guns are sent in by "handlers" in a third country with a battlefield mentality, targeting civilians.

Suresh Khopade, a retired superintendent, states that people's continued lack of faith in the police has led them increasingly to trust god with their protection.