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Giving you notice is how your landlord tells you that they want you to leave their property and the date they want you to leave by.

Getting a section 21 notice doesn’t mean you can stop paying your rent.Your landlord is still entitled to the rent and you should carry on paying it until the day you leave the property.We will use your feedback to seek funding and improve our guides and make sure they are as helpful as possible. We recommend you try to get advice from the sources we have suggested.The cases we refer to are not always real but show a typical situation.If you rent from a private landlord (not the Council or a Housing Association) you will probably have a particular kind of tenancy called an assured shorthold tenancy.

The information in this guide only applies to you if your tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy.In practice most tenants who can’t get help from their council make arrangements to leave by the date given in the notice.If you don’t and your landlord has to go to court to get you out, the court will order you to pay your landlord’s legal costs.A contract doesn’t always have to be in writing to count as a contract – but a tenancy or tenancy agreement usually will be.If you are living somewhere and paying rent you definitely have an agreement whether or not there is anything in writing, and the agreement is probably a tenancy agreement.If you’re not sure what type of tenancy you have, you can use Shelter’s Tenancy Rights Checker to find out: Tenancy rights checker - what type of tenancy do I have?