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Yes, she’s immature but she’s not without hope, she’s learning... So, writernims I’m hoping you give her very soon the proper treatment that she deserves coz after all it’s her life you “ruined” by writing her character to be lost and found lols, Sorry, just had to let it out...

no one gave her attention, she’s on her own in this pain of losing your family and not being accepted, as she is, in the new..

that’s showing her you care, coz if only any one would pay attention they’ll realize that all she wanted was for at least her “twin” or her “dad” to treat her with importance (not readily give her up or cut ties), and the real mom and grandpa to stop comparing her to and expecting her to be ji an..

I am happy to see that Ji-An is getting rid of her "Sainte and martyr" cover, and Ji-Soo to understand what it's like on the other side of the coin.I hope you will catch up with this drama, you missed nothing during the holiday as they prepared more "behind the scene" stuff, and as today they might experience some difficulties with their website as it is difficult to load on internet, even when it is still "raw" and not subbed yet at this instant.but at the same time he’s keeping it casual by understanding why she doesn’t want him to bring her home... ah maybe next year 2018 he'll be nominated already. it's not that she's selfish or childish by acting up or having a tantrum.On the flip side, i love it also that the writers kept ji soo sane this time hahaha... i just wish they’ll keep her sane even after she put things together about them 3... I'm also disappointed the fact that Shi Hoo is so good and amazing actor and you can really feel his acting. by her facial expressions i saw deep hurt and disappoint from her 2 families.i like the way ji an's coming out of her dazed world and snapping at cdk..

ji soo's way of showing her love for ji an with the cake she made..

In conclusion, I'm impatient to see what scenes the writer So Hyeon-Kyeong has prepared next : if I could meet with one of the staff from this drama, it would certainly be her... She is a decent actress but all she does is mope and complain and criticize. I don’t know why they bothered to have the oldest married when they were not going to develop this couple at all. I mean how he changed his view of her ever since he read her recipe book..

They give ten times the personality to the other three siblings. and how he slowly took notice of her existence, how he unconsciously became concerned about her...

she’s practically lost and felt doesn’t belong on either of the two families... She definitely went out of the usual boundaries and she showed into her dialogues a true knowledge of human nature.

So-Ra was actually just playing and had this curiosity toward Ji-An's and that's why she went to her.

My guess is they will hit over 40% rating again as so many people were frustrated for not being able to get the regular episodes during the holiday season. 33, because of my busy schedule ; but I will allow myself to comment anyway.